Value- Love-Love for a Caged Squirrel

squirrel in cage

In December 2010, when my family and I were visiting Sri Lanka, we were out for lunch at a local restaraunt. While waiting for the food to arrive, I was occupied watching a squirrel playfully running around on the grass. After a few minutes, a waiter from the restaraunt trapped the squirrel in a cage, and left it on the grass. The squirrel was squirming around in the cage, trying its best to find a way out. I felt very sad that the innocent squirrel was trapped in a cage. After 20 minutes or so, my food arrived and I had a scrumptious meal, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the poor squirrel. I told my parents about the squirrel and we came up with an idea. I asked the waiter if he could free the squirrel as I felt upset that it was trapped. He nodded in agreement and went out to unlock its cage. The squirrel immediately jumped out, ran in circles around its cage and then scurried away into the wilderness.


Love and kindness towards animals. One must love and care for all the beings in the world.

Shared by Anusree- PVP class


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