Be good to All, Love All

Value: Love

Sub value: Kindness

Long ago, there lived a little boy named Sammy. He was a good boy. He was good in his studies, obedient to his parents, more intelligent than many other boys in his class and kind to everyone. Grown-ups as well as those junior to Sammy loved him very much. But that aroused jealousy in many other boys who longed to be as loved as Sammy.

Now there was another boy named Timmy who studied in the same class as Sammy. Unlike Sammy, he was not good at studies and always liked to play during school hours. He misbehaved with his parents, bullied his classmates and even ill-treated Sammy. He always tried to put Sammy down and belittled him before other kids in the class. But no matter what he did, Sammy’s grades kept getting better and better. Whether in studies or in sports or from his classmates, Sammy kept getting accolades from everywhere.

On his eighth birthday, Sammy got a nice pen as a gift from his parents. He brought it to school so that he could use it to take down the notes of the lectures that the teachers gave in class. This was a very beautiful pen and it could help one write very fast. When Timmy saw it, he was very jealous of Sammy. He asked Sammy,

“Hey, where did you get that? Did you buy it?”

“My parents gave it as a birthday gift to me.” replied Sammy.

Timmy was overwhelmed with anger and jealousy. The bad boy that he was, he rarely got any present from his parents. He decided to steal Sammy’s pen. During recess, when everyone had gone out from the class, Timmy opened Sammy’s bag and took out his pen. Then he hid it inside his bag and went out to have his tiffin.

When Sammy came back and could not find his pen, he informed his class teacher about it. There was a hunt for the missing pen and the class teacher ordered the class monitor to search the bag of every children inside the class. The missing pen was soon found out of Timmy’s bag and the furious teacher asked the errant boy,

“Now Timmy, what do you have to say about it?”

Timmy was in tears. He had nothing to say.

When Sammy saw Timmy cry, he took pity on the boy. The kind boy that he was, he had no ill-feeling against his classmate. He requested his class teacher not to take any action against Timmy, now that his stolen pen was found.

This opened Timmy’s eyes. He could now see what a good boy Sammy was. He asked for forgiveness from his teacher and Sammy. From that day, he became friends with Sammy and gradually changed himself to be as good as Sammy. Everyone began to love Timmy and Sammy was proud of his new friend.

Despite being hurt by Timmy, Sammy gave him back only love in return. This is how we should also treat our enemies. Who knows? One day, our behaviour may just change themselves for the better.


Moral: Do not harm someone even if he harms you. Be good to all.


An Expensive Shawl

Value: Right conduct

Sub value: Discrimination

Once upon a time, there was a king who was hedonistic. He indulged in excessive drinking, sensual pleasures and other such vices.He would tell his prime minister, “One does not get born as a human very often. So one should pursue material comforts and sensual pleasures. One should enjoy life to the fullest.”

The prime minister was a sensible and decent person. He was concerned about the untoward, wild activities of the king and was pained by his disposition. Whenever he had an opportunity, he would try to counsel the king. But to no avail, the king did not understand. When the king was intoxicated, he could not discriminate between right and wrong, very often he would mistreat the public. The king’s subject lived in terror; as the king was extremely cruel, no one dared to oppose or confront him.

One day, just by chance, the king was extremely pleased by some action of the prime minister. As a reward, he gave the prime minister a very expensive shawl. Soon after leaving the court, the prime minister used the shawl to clean his nose.

A courtier who was jealous of the prime minister happened to see this improper gesture. He went to the king and reported, “Your highness, today the prime minister has made an extremely disrespectful gesture.”

The king asked, “What?”

The courtier said, “Your honor rewarded the prime minister with an invaluable shawl. However, he belittled your kind gesture by blowing his nose into it.”

The king promptly summoned the prime minister. He questioned, “How dare you insult me by blowing your nose into the expensive shawl I  gave you?”

With due respect, the prime minister replied, “Your highness, I have only followed what you have taught me.”

“I schooled you to show disrespect?” the king retorted, “How?”

The prime minister said, “You have been blessed with human life that is considerably more valuable than this shawl. However, the way you waste  away your time in pursuit of  material comforts  and sensual pleasure, with complete disregard to decency and morality, has taught me to misuse the shawl.”

The prime minister hit the target. The king realized his mistake  and changed his sensual ways. His life and kingdom were changed for good.


Learn to differentiate between right and wrong. When these are taught to children when they are young, they will grow up to be wise adults and lead a righteous life.


Yashpal Jain

The Brahmani and the mongoose

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Discrimination

Once a  Brahmin lived in a city with his wife. His wife delivered a son at the same time , a she-mongoose gave birth to a male child. The Brahmani (Brahmin’s wife) adopted the mongoose’s son and began bringing him as she would her own son. Yet the Brahmani never left her son alone because she did not trust the mongoose, fearing that she would some day harm her son. The elders have said that one’s own son, however immoral, ugly, foolish and wicked, are the parents darling.
One day, leaving for the lake to bring water, the Brahmin’s wife told her husband to keep a watch on their son. Soon, a cobra entered the house. Fearing danger to the son of the Brahmin, the mongoose attacked the cobra and killed him. Hearing the footfalls of his mother Brahmani, the mongoose, with a mouth smeared by blood, went to greet her.

When the mother saw the young mongoose with his mouth oozing of blood, she thought that her worst  fears had come true. Without a second thought, the Brahmin’s wife threw the pot of water on the mongoose and the mongoose died instantly ,as a result.
Mourning the death of the mongoose, the woman entered the house and found that her child was soundly sleeping in the cradle and also the cobra bitten to pieces by the mongoose.

The woman was struck by grief and remorse,  that she had killed the mongoose that was like a son to her.


The learned have said that he who does things without discretion regrets his action like the Brahmin’s wife. Haste makes waste. Always think before you act.

It’s All Within

Value: Truth

Sub value- Introspection


Once upon a time there was a beautiful deer who spent her days prancing around in the woods. And every day she  smelled a wonderful scent. It smelled better than rain; it smelled better than flowers; in fact, the deer had never smelled anything so enchantingly wonderful. The deer wondered where the scent came from. She began to sniff around, “Sniff, sniff. Maybe this perfume is coming from inside the tree!” She ran over to a tree, but it just smelled like a normal tree.

The deer wandered around, sniffing everywhere. She chased and smelled and wondered, “Is it coming from the butterflies? Sniff, sniff…hmmmm. No, it’s not from them. I wonder if it’s coming from the robin! Sniff, sniff… hmmm. No, it’s not from there either.” Although she doubted it, she even wondered if it could be coming from the swamp. “Sniff, sniff”, she tried, “Oh no, it’s not coming from there! Hmmmm…Maybe it’s coming from the ravine or maybe the bushes! Sniff, sniff. Sniff, sniff.” But the scent wasn’t coming from any of these things. Where do you think it was coming from?

The deer ran and leapt, she danced and ran some more, as she tried to find the source of the elusive smell, but with all the exertion she started getting tired. She kept searching.”I’ll find it, it’s got to be coming from somewhere!” she said. Even though she was really exhausted, she kept on running , smelling here, there and everywhere. “My body can’t keep up,” she thought, “but I must find where that wonderful scent is coming from.” Her body slowed down but she kept trying doggedly.  Finally she couldn’t try anymore; she  couldn’t move and  collapsed on the ground.

Even as she fell on the ground, her mind wanted to continue searching, but her body had to rest. But then all of the sudden she smelt something, “That’s it! That’s the scent! That’s what I’ve been trying to find! It’s right here! That’s it for sure!” But where was it coming from? She instantly realized something very beautiful, “Oh my goodness! It’s coming from within me. It’s been right here all along.” She smiled and napped peacefully.

Yes, the smell was really coming from herself. That is how God is. People think that God is somewhere outside. But God is always within us; never away from us: inside us and all around us. After searching and searching, the deer finally understood that the Lord of the Universe had been with her all along.


If we introspect and look within ourselves, we will realise that God and peace are all within us but we keep searching outside for these.

As Guru Ram Das says:  I beg for your Name, deep within myself, and day and night through the Name I find peace.”



The Crocodile and the priest

Value: Truth

Sub value- See oneness in all

Once there was a crocodile. Every morning this crocodile would act very funny. He did something that crocodiles don’t normally do. He would get up before the sun rose. He faithfully practiced his sadhana. Do you know what sadhana is?

Sadhana is your spiritual practice. It means when you do something every day to remember god. What do you do every day to remember God?

Well this crocodile was very wise and he knew that dawn is the best time to meditate on God. So very, very early every morning he would take a long swim to fully exercise his body and then, with all his heart, chant and pray to god. He started each and every day with this sadhana. After sadhana he would eat a healthy meal that gave him energy for the whole day. One morning a famous priest came by.

The priest saw the crocodile doing his sadhana and asked the crocodile, “Oh Crocodile….. What are you doing?!? You are an animal but you chant and pray every day. Why? What is the point?!?” The Crocodile replied “Yes I am an animal….. but…. I wish to feel God; that is why I do my sadhana every day.” “Well it won’t work” replied the priest “Why not?” asked the Crocodile. The priest answered “You can’t feel God. You are only a crocodile. You have to wait to be reborn in a human body!” The Crocodile boldly replied “Wow…. I think you are a fool. You look like a priest, but you don’t even know the most basic things. The same God who created you, also created me!”

The priest was surprised to hear how wise the crocodile was.

The Crocodile continued “If I meditate and remember God every day, I have great chance of  experiencing God but if you do not do any sadhana;  then you have no chance at all! In fact, in your next life YOU will become a crocodile!”

The Priest answered “Me? A crocodile?  Where did you get such a silly idea?”

Suddenly, poof!!! The priest turned into a crocodile right on the spot!! Now there were 2 crocodiles sitting side by side.

The Crocodile asked the priest “So…. Now how do you feel?”

The priest was confused!

The Priest answered “How did you know that I would turn into a crocodile?” It turns out that the crocodile truly was wise.

The Crocodile answered  “It is because I am a crocodile who lives in a sacred way. While you look like a priest but you behave like a crocodile.”

See, the priest thought he was better than the crocodile, but we are all created by the same God.

Whatever you are, never think that you are better than others, just live your life the very best you can.



Guru Nanak said

Truth is high, but higher is living the truth

Sadhana and daily meditation help us to live the truth.

Even the bully at school, or people who are mean to you, they are also created equally by God.

Keep breathing deeply and remember: WE ARE ALL ONE.

Divinity and Ego

Image result for ego images

Value- Truth

Sub Value- Divinity is in all

There once lived a  pious Sage named Uttanga, who was doing penance for the benefit of mankind. By caste, he was a Brahmin and was known to Lord Krishna. He lead a nomadic life free from desire, lust, hatred,  and greed ; he was in different world of his own.

Lord Krishna was very happy with the sage’s penance, the  Lord not only showed him His Virat Swaroop but also wanted to bestow the sage with a boon. Sage Uttanga told Him that he was desire less and he did not want anything, but Lord Krishna insisted for some boon to be granted to him as a reward for his penance.

Krishna with flute

At Lord Krishna’s insistence  the latter asked for a boon that whenever he was in need of water (and since that area was a desert area) & whenever he felt thirsty, water may be provided to him. Lord Krishna granted him the boon & disappeared.

One day, the Sage Uttanga after walking for a long distance in the desert area felt thirsty, but there was no trace of water. Then he remembered that the Lord Krishna had granted him a boon that he would find water. The moment this thought was within his system, he saw a hunter dressed in torn rags accompanied by furious dog, carrying water in a leather pouch and asked him, “Sir, would you like to have some water.” Looking at the apparent condition of the hunter, being a staunch Brahmin, the sage felt repelled. He politely refused “No, Thank you”. The hunter again approached him for the water, but in utter disgust & in anger the sage told the hunter to go way and that he was not interested in the water. The hunter and the dogs disappeared.

Witnessing this, he realized that it must be God, who disguised Himself and came to quench his thirst. He felt hurt and wondered  how Lord Krishna could send water to him through  a person of lower caste. How could He expect a Brahmin to accept and drink water from the leather pouch?

Meantime, Lord Krishna appeared, smiled and asked him, “Do you know who was the hunter? I had asked the Indra Devta to fetch the water, who instead of water, had actually brought nectar to make you immortal, but on one condition to test whether you could see the Divinity in all. Hence I allowed him to do so.”

Sage Uttanga understood how he had failed in the test. It was his Ego, which made him refuse the nectar, which came in the form of water and through Indra Devta.

When sages like Uttanga could fail when tested, what are we? Are we capable and fully equipped to understand the Leela or Maya of God? We, therefore, have to be constantly on guard and develop sharp sense to understand the real meaning of life. He always puts us to test. He always does good for us. There cannot be any negative in His actions, whatever He does, is always good for us.


We are all one. We have all come from one source. When we realise this and start seeing the divinity in all, we will be very happy from within.

Shared by Shivani in Guru Gyanopedia

The Proud Red Rose

Value- Right Conduct

Sub Value- Discrimination

One beautiful spring day a Red Rose blossomed in a forest. Many kinds of trees and plants grew there. As the Red Rose looked around, a Pine tree nearby said, “What a beautiful flower. I wish I was that lovely.” Another tree said, “Dear Pine, do not be sad, we can not have everything.”

The Rose turned its head and remarked, “It seems that I am the most beautiful plant in this forest.” A Sunflower raised its yellow head and asked, “Why do you say that? In this forest there are many beautiful plants. You are just one of them.” The Red Rose replied, “I see everyone looking at me and admiring me.” Then the  RedRose looked at a Cactus and said, “Look at that ugly plant full of thorns!” The Pine tree said, “Red rose, what kind of talk is this? Who can say what beauty is? You have thorns too.”

The proud Red Rose looked angrily at the Pine and said, “I thought you had good taste! You do not know what beauty is at all. You can not compare my thorns to that of the Cactus.”

“What a proud flower”, thought the trees.

The  Red Rose tried to move its roots away from the Cactus, but it could not move. As the days passed,the Red Rose would look at the Cactus and say insulting things, like: This plant is useless? How sorry I am to be his neighbor.

The Cactus never got upset and he even tried to advise the Rose, saying, “God did not create any form of life without a purpose.”

Spring passed, and the weather became very warm. Life became difficult in the forest, as the plants and animals needed water and no rain fell. The Red Rose began to wilt. One day the Rose saw sparrows stick their beaks into the cactus and then fly away, refreshed. This was puzzling, and the Red Rose asked the Pine tree what the birds were doing. The Pine tree explained that the birds got water from the Cactus. “Does it not hurt when they make holes?” asked the rose.

Short Stories - Sparrow“Yes, but the Cactus does not like to see any birds suffer,” replied the pine.

The Rose opened its eyes in wonder and said, “The Cactus has water?”

“Yes you can also drink from it. The sparrow can bring water to you if you ask the Cactus for help.”

The Red Rose felt too ashamed of its past words and behavior to ask for water from the cactus, but then it finally did ask the Cactus for help. The cactus kindly agreed and the birds filled their beaks with water and watered the Rose’s roots. Thus the Rose learnt a  lesson and never judged anyone by their appearance again.


Never judge anyone by their appearance. Appearances are deceptive. We can know a person only by their actions and not by their looks

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