“I am here”- Krishna and the little boy

Value- Right action
Sub value- Dedication
In a small town of Udupi, close to Mangalore there was a family  very devoted to Krishna except  for the 5 yr old grandson who was more into playing, and not keen on Krishna seva.  However, at his grand mother’s loving insistence  he agreed to go  for Krishna’s darshan and blessings at the temple before going to school everyday. The obedient grandson would go every morning to the entrance of the temple and say “I’m here” and  go about his daily routines.  Never did he make time to go in to see the Lord. This went on for about twenty years.
One unfortunate day, the boy met with an accident and was rushed to the hospital for surgery.  None of the  family members were allowed in during surgery.  As he was suffering alone his pain and  wondering if he would ever make it through surgery , he heard a voice  which said,  “I’m here”.  The boy was not able to comprehend who it was, he asked“Who is it?” He heard a voice quip back, “You came to see me everyday at the temple for so many years and said I’m here, today you need me and I’m here for you.  Do not worry”.
It was Lord Krishna, the compassionate  one, this shows that any good deed  done, however small,  doesn’t go  unseen.
If He comes to someone’s aid for having just made the effort to stop at the temple for a minute,  what would He do for those who make time  to chant His name  with devotion.  He will give not only the things you want but also HIMSELF.
Lord is always there for us. He is ready to help us in need. We just need to be grateful and thankful to Him remembering Him. We can connect to Him by regularly either chanting His name or doing good and help others by seeing Him in all.

Sai Satcharita- Chapter 7- Compassion and Mercy


sai satcharita 1

Value- Love

Sub value- Compassion, mercy

1.Saving from Fire

In the year 1910, Baba was sitting near the Dhuni on Diwali day and warming Himself. He was pushing firewood into the Dhuni, which was burning brightly. A little later, instead of pushing logs of wood, Baba pushed His arm into the Dhuni. The arm was burnt immediately.

sai fire

This was noticed by the servant Madhava and also by Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama). They at once ran to Baba and Madhavarao clasped Baba by His waist from behind and dragged Him forcibly backwards and asked, “Deva, why did You do this?”

Then Baba came to His senses and replied, “The wife of a blacksmith, at some distant place, was working the bellows of a furnace. When her husband called her, she forgot that her child was on her lap; she ran hastily, and the child slipped into the furnace. I immediately thrust My hand into the furnace and saved the child. I do not mind My arm being burnt, but I am glad that the life of the child was saved.”

2. Sai saves devotee from bubonic plague

Khaparde, the wife of Mr. Dadasaheb Khaparde of Amraoti, was staying at Shirdi with her young son.

One day, the son got a high fever which further developed into Bubonic plague. The mother was frightened and felt very uneasy. She thought of leaving for Amraoti and went to ask Baba for permission to leave in the evening, when Baba was near the Wada (now Samadhi Mandir).

She informed Him in a trembling tone that her dear young son was down with plague. Baba spoke kindly and softly to her, saying that the sky is beset with clouds, but they will melt and pass and everything will be smooth and clear.

Saying this, He lifted His Kafni to the waist and showed everyone present, four fully developed lumps, as big as eggs, and added, “See, how I have to suffer for My devotees; their difficulties are Mine.”

Seeing this unique and extraordinary miracle, people were convinced as to how Saints suffer pains for their devotees. The heart of the saints is softer than wax. They love their devotees without any idea of gain and regard them as their true relatives.


God comes many a times to earth in form of a great Master or saint. He loves his devotees very much and takes upon himself their miseries. He is the only one who loves others unconditionally. He has no expectations from his devotees except that they develop the right qualities and transform themselves into good and worthy human beings. He shows by example what true unconditional love is. He attaches no importance to praise or criticism. He is the embodiment of pure love and compassion.

For children

The above stories teach children to help and care for others without expecting anything in return. Help others so that they are benefited, and you feel good seeing them benefit. Such people who help others unconditionally are always blessed and are happy from within. Every act cannot be rewarded and real joy or happiness is experienced within when we help someone unconditionally. This will help children develop love and compassion towards all and in the process they grow up to be good citizens of the world by helping out and caring anyone in need.

The story below will reinforce the above message



Master’s messages- 4.3- Faith

Faith can move mountains

faith 02

Only when we wipe out the root causes of anxiety, fear and ignorance our true personality can shine. Anxiety is removed by faith. Faith tells us that whatever happens, happens for the best and Lord’s will be done. We have to do our best and for what is not in our hands quiet acceptance is the best armour.

Story based on the above message


Message based on Sri Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter4

Rama and Ravana

Sub value- Duty
Rama and Ravana both practiced dharma and stood by their duty. One should be able to do our duty without any other  personal likes or dislikes. Also when the duty is done perfectly; the result obtained thereby is good.

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