Sai Satcharita- Chapter 13- Faith and surrender

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Value- Devotion

Sub value- Faith

Story 1

Bapusaheb Booty

Shriman Bapusaheb Booty suffered, once from dysentery and vomitting. His cupboard was full of patent drugs and medicines, but none of them had any effect. Bapusaheb got very weak, on account of purgings and vomittings and, therefore, was not able to go to the Masjid for Baba’s darshana. Baba then sent for him and made him sit before Him and said, “Now take care, you should not purge any more” and waving His index-finger “The vomiting must also stop”. Now look at the force of Baba’s words. Both the maladies took to their heels (disappeared) and Booty felt well.

On another occasion he had an attack of Cholera, and suffered from severe thirst. Dr. Pillai tried all sorts of remedies but could give him no relief. Then he went to Baba and consulted Him as what to drink that would allay his thirst and cure the disease. Baba prescribed an infusion of almonds, walnuts, pistachio (a kind of dry fruit), boiled in sugared milk. This would be considered, as a fatal aggravation of the disease by any other doctor or physician, but in implicit obedience to Baba’s order, the infusion was administered and strange to say, the disease was cured.

Story 2

Alandi Swami

A Swami from Alandi, wishing to take Baba’s darshana, came to Shirdi. He suffered form a severe pain in his ear, which prevented him from getting the sleep. He was operated for this, but it served no purpose. The pain was severe and he did not know what to do. While he was returning, he came to take Baba’s leave, when Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) requested Baba to do something for the pain in the Swami’s ear. Baba comforted him saying, “Alla Accha Karega (God will do good).” The Swami then returned to Poona, and after a week sent a letter to Shirdi, stating that the pain in his ear had subsided though the swelling was there, and in order to get the swelling removed, he went to Bombay for operation, but the surgeon on examining the ear said that no operation was then necessary. Such was the wonderful effect of Baba’s words.

Story 3

Kaka Mahajani

Another devotee named Kaka Mahajani suffered once from diarrhea. In order that there should be no break in his services to Baba, Kaka kept a tambya (pot) with water in some corner of the Masjid and whenever there was a call, he would go out. As Sai Baba knew everything, Kaka did not inform Him of his disease, thinking that Baba would of His own cure it soon. The work of constructing the pavement in front of the Masjid was permitted by Baba, but when the actual work was begun, Baba got wild and shouted out loudly. Everybody ran away, and as Kaka was also doing the same, Baba caught hold of him and made him sit there. In the confusion that followed, somebody left the a small bag of groundnuts. Baba took a handful of groundnuts, rubbed them in His hands, blew away the skins, and gave the clean nuts to Kaka and made him eat them. Scolding and cleaning the nuts, and making Kaka eat them, went on similtaneously. Baba Himself ate some of them. Then, when the bag was finished, Baba asked him to fetch water as He felt thirsty. Kaka brought a pitcher full of water. Then Baba drank some water and made Kaka also drink it. Baba then said, “Now your diarrhea has stopped, and you may attend to the work of the pavement.” In the meanwhile other persons, who had run away, returned and started the work; and Kaka, whose motions had stopped, also joined them. Are groundnuts medicine for diarrhea? According to current medical opinion, groundnuts would aggravate the disease, and not cure it. The true medicine, in this as in other cases, was Baba’s word.



The moral of all the stories mentioned above is the complete faith in the master’s words without applying our logic. It is blindly relying on the Guru’s words with complete surrender. Only when complete faith or surrender is there; miracles like the above happen. When we keep doubting and being anxious; the above-mentioned cures by any Master may not be effective. If we really seek the help of the Master we should have complete faith and surrender.

For Children

One must do their duty and fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Certain situations in life may be beyond us which we cannot help even after we have put in our best. That is the time when prayers and good values will help us develop the inner strength to persevere and handle any difficult situation of life bravely. We should develop self confidence and have complete faith in ourselves as well as in God or our Masters who will guide us when we need the most.


A beautiful story which emphasises the above value




Master’s messages-5.4- Concentration

Constant practice is needed for developing concentration

One must not get discouraged if we are unable to concentrate, only through constant practise just as we learn to ride a bicycle we should keep trying despite falling.

When one starts meditation, the mind starts wandering everywhere. We must plug that outlet by means of chanting the name. We must alternate between visualising the form and chanting of the name whenever the mind slips away. Japa and dhyana are the two bunds to control the thoughts. Once we develop this habit, the Bhava chitram (imaginary picture) will become saakshaatkara chitram (the real form) when Lord assumes form to fulfil our desires.

Japa sahita Dhyana is the best sadhana. For a start 10 to 15 minutes of meditation shuld be enough. After this; some time should be spent in mananam or contemplation at the peace and contentment experienced by this meditation. Then slowly we should loosen the limbs, be aware of the surroundings slowly and then resume our other activities.

Story based on the above message


Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1 Chapter 5

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