Value Right Conduct- Help without expectation

On Thursday the 10th of Jan 2013, my friend Kunal and I decided to meet at my house and then go to the playground. Kunal arrived at the lobby of my floor soon afterwards. While waiting for the lift to arrive, we heard a crying noise coming from the floor above. The sound grew louder as the lift doors opened at my floor. We stepped into the lift and saw two toddlers, completely alone, crying. We knew we had to help them and take them back home. Kunal knew them as they happened to be his neighbours. We tried to get the kids back to their home, but no one seemed to be at their house. So we went to Kunal’s house with the toddlers and contacted Kunal’s mother who in turn contacted the neighbour. We managed the kids at Kunal’s place and soon united them with their mother. We were happy that we could help the crying helpless toddlers.

Later we went to the playground and there, we saw these kids with their mother. The mother noticed Kunal and thanked him for helping the toddlers. I stood nearby, completely unnoticed. I felt bad as I had not been praised as Kunal had. Thankfully,  I realized that I was being egoistic and that one should do good deeds as that is the right thing to do, and not because one wants something in return. I walked away happily, realizing that I had practiced good values in real life situation.

That night, when I stepped out of the bathroom after a shower, my mother told me that the lady whom we had helped  had come with the toddlers to meet and thank me. The lady held out a gift and a thank you card for me. Not only that, she said that the gift was too small to thank me for what I had done.

I did not even deserve a gift for the small deed I had done and she said that the gift was too small! I was truly touched by this event and I have learned that if you help someone even in a small way without ego or any expectation, God will repay and bless you much more.

Shiv/Kunal- PVP Group 1


This is a very valuable learning not only for the young ones but to each one of us. One should perform a kind act because it is the right thing to do and not because we expect anything in return. Selfless service gives true joy. This realisation by Shiv at such a young age is highly commendable.


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