Postman and the little girl


The Postman and the child

Value- Love

Sub value- Compassion, sensitive to others need


A postman knocked on the door of a house, saying, “Letter.”

A child like voice came from inside, “I am coming.” But the person did not come, three or four minutes elapsed  , the irate postman yelled out again, “Hey, please come quickly and take the letter. ” The child like voice again said, “Mr. Postman, put the letter under the door , I’m coming. “

Postman said,” It’s a registered letter which needs acknowledgment, so you need to sign.” Approximately, six to seven minutes later when the door was  opened; the postman irritated with the delay , was about give a piece of his mind to the person who opened the door. What he saw shocked left him speechless;  a little girl with no feet kneeling on her knees in front of him to pick the letter. The postman delivered the letter quietly and went back feeling sorry, it went on like this.

The postman got used to waiting till the door was opened whenever he had to deliver a letter to the girl’s house. Deepavali was  fast approaching. The girl noticed that the postman was always barefooted.  So once when the postman came to deliver post, the girl quietly took a measurement  the postman’s foot size from the footprints  on the floor. Just before Diwali when the postman came to deliver the letter,  girl told him, ” Uncle, This is  gift from me to you on Diwali.” Postman said, “You are like a daughter to me, how can I take any gift from you? As the girl was insistent;  the postman he took it home and opened the packet.

His eyes were filled him tears when he saw a pair of shoes;  because during his entire service no one had even noticed that he was barefoot.


The sensitivity to perceive others pain, to experience and to share their pain is a human quality, without which the human being is incomplete.

We should pray to God to give us the ornament in the form of sensitivity so that we can contribute in reducing the pain of others in times of sorrow.

The company one keeps

It is very important to keep the company of the wise and intelligent. Many times in life we may fall down and look upon someone to guide us. That guide whom we look upon should be capable of guiding us in the right path.

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