Value: Love- Make a difference

I had a bake sale with 3 of my friends on 12th Jan 2013. I made cupcakes with the help of my aunty who loves baking. We had priced it $2 a piece, Despite heavy rains, our bake sale was a success and we managed to sell everything we had baked. We have collected the money to be given to HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migrant Economies) in Singapore. They help foreign workers. I learnt that it was a lot of hard work to make the cupcakes and later sell them. I was very happy with the money raised.

Kimaya/Sanya- Students of PVP class

Teacher’s note

It was heartening to see these kids aged7/8 organising a bake sale to raise fund for charity. At this young age they take ownership and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of people. I am very proud of them. They are practising the human values at this very young age. They realise that this kind act is helping the disadvantaged people in some way and they feel a sense of happiness and pride in doing this.

May Swami bless these children to continue doing good work.


Each one of us can make a difference. The values of love and right conduct mentioned above can bring about change in the society.

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