Thoughts affect the food one cooks

Value- Righteousness

Sub value- Purity of thought

There lived in Malur, Mysore State, a pious brahmin who was a great scholar. He had an equally pious wife. He was always intent on puja and japa dhyana and was known far and wide for his virtuous character. One day, a sannyasi called Nityananda came to his door seeking alms; so, he was happy beyond measure. He invited the monk to take dinner with him the next day so that he might honor him with due hospitality. He hung green festoons over his doors and made elaborate arrangements for the reception. But, at the eleventh hour, physical impurity rendered his wife unfit to prepare food for the honored guest or for any one else. A neighbor volunteered to cook the meal and she was brought in and introduced into the kitchen.

serving food

Everything went off well and all were as happy as they could be, under the circumstances. Only, the sannyasi was wrong during meals by an overpowering desire to steal the silver cup, which the host had placed near the plate. In spite of his best efforts, the evil idea won and the sannyasi hurried to his abode with the cup hidden in the folds of his robe. He could not sleep that night, for his conscience pricked him so. He felt he had brought disgrace on his guru and on the rishis whom he invoked by the mantras he recited. He could not rest until he ran back into the brahmin’s house and, falling at his feet, restored the article with tears of repentance trickling down his cheeks.

Everyone wondered how such a saint could stoop so low. Then someone suggested it might be the fault transmitted to the food he ate, by the person who cooked it. And when they examined the history of the neighbor they found that she was an irrepressible thief! The thieving tendency had, by subtle contact, affected the food she prepared. This is the reason why sadhakas are advised to live on fruits and tubers only, when they reach a certain stage of spiritual achievement.


It is said that when food is prepared with love and good thoughts it always tastes best and is healthy.


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