Right Attitude Toward Criticism

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Right attitude

Prophet Mohammed had a disciple called Ali. Ali was often criticized by other disciples but Ali patiently bore it. One day the others criticized Ali in the presence of the Master; for a long time Ali was patient and tolerant but finally Ali stood up to defend himself. At once Prophet Mohammed stood up and went away. Ali followed the master and asked him, “Master why did you go away when the others started criticizing me, and why did you not defend me?” The Master said, “When you were silent I saw 10 angels standing behind you and protecting you; but when you started defending yourself the angels disappeared and so did I.”

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The angels need not be real flesh and blood angels but virtues such as joy, patience, tolerance, forgiveness etc. And when we retaliate we show negative qualities such as revenge, hatred etc. It is not that only those who can defend themselves are strong. These are old virtues. Does the criticism of others give us a license to criticize back, especially if we want to be at peace or find God? Let us not  concern ourselves with the flaws of others. Let us change others by changing ourselves and by our example others will want to change…

Give advice only if people ask for your advice. And give that advice out of love for them…Otherwise we have no license to criticize others.

Courtesy; Swami Smarananandaji- Wisdom stories of Sri Parmahamsa Yogananda


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