The story of Krishna, Arjuna and the Dove

Value- Faith

Sub value- Devotion

The “famous” episode between Lord Krishna and Arjuna goes like this.

“Krishna, for me, your words are more
trustworthy than evidence of my eyes”

The two are on a stroll in the garden when they see the bird hovering in the skies. Pointing to it, Krishna says,

“See that bird Arjuna… Is it a dove?”
“Yes my Lord! It is indeed a dove”, replies Arjuna.
“But wait… I think that it is is an eagle. Isn’t it an eagle?” asks Krishna
“Yes! That is definitely an eagle”, is the answer.
“No! It does not look like an eagle”, says Krishna, “it is definitely a crow.”
“Without a doubt Krishna, it is a crow”, replies Arjuna.
At this point, Krishna laughs and chides Arjuna,
“Are you blind my friend? You do not seem to have eyes of your own! You are simply agreeing to whatever I say.”
Arjuna says, “Krishna, for me, your words are far more trustworthy than the evidence of my eyes. When you say something, you have the power to make it so – be it a crow, dove or eagle. Hence, if you said it is a crow, it must be so!”
This story is oft quoted to exemplify how faith must be. This is the kind of faith one must develop on the guru and God. This is the faith on Krishna that Arjuna could win the war between good and evil.

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