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One Wednesday evening just before my Balvikas class commenced, one kid enthusiastically showed off her wrist bands to me. I had seen something like this before; with many people wearing the friendship bands. She was quick to explain that it was not a friendship band rather it was a ‘Values’ band. I had not heard about this before and soon she started rattling off what each band stood for. I was quite impressed with her understanding and appreciating the value of those bands and thought it would be a good idea for her to share it in the children section of our blog. Below is what Tanisha Mehta has to say about those bands.

Every day, I get up and slip on three sparkling bracelets on my wrist. Each bracelet represents some value. The maroon and white one with a silver horse, represents love and peace. The blue and black one with a golden elephant represents knowledge and wisdom. And the light purple, mixed with white with a monster hanging from it represents protection. Whenever I am scared, speak a lie or do not practise the values; one look at the value bands reminds me that I should be following these values. I love my bracelets which help me a improve myself and I want to thank my mom for gifting this to me.


My thoughts

This indeed is one of the good ways of reminding oneself of the values to practise in our daily lives. Gifts like this for young children can help them to constantly practise these values regularly.

value bands


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