Master’s messages-2.5-Real and unreal world

illusory world

One can realise the real and unreal world only through experience.

Experience is needed for one to realise that this world is unreal. Just like a fire is taken to be only as a light till one touches and experiences the heat from it; one realises that it has both heat and light. Similarly through experience man can realise that the world is real as well as unreal.

Story based on the above message


Master’s messages-2.4- Devotion and Faith

The two oars to cross the worldly ocean- Devotion and Faith


Bhakti (devotion) and Shraddha (faith) are 2 oars required to the cross this samsara. When there is faith; devotion comes on its own. Complete faith and trust in God with pure devotion can help one cross this world with all its ups and downs. It gives one strength and confidence to face challenging situations in life. Faith in our own self as well as in God. The lord melts at the devotion of the devotees and takes care of their needs; whatever is best for them will happen.

Story based on the above message

Courtesy- Sri Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1, Chapter 2

Master’s messages-2.3- Three types of devotion

One must move on from one stage to the other through devotion and love for God.


There are 3 types of devotion/sadhana namely- Vihanga- It is like the bird swooping a ripe fruit; in which the devotee is impatient and loses the fruit obtained. Next is Markata- which is like a monkey; jumping from one fruit to another; not knowing what one actually wants and what is the actual goal; and the final is Pipeelika which is like an ant moving towards sweetness, a devotee moves towards the Lord and attains His grace.


Stories based on the above message

Devotee’s steadfast faith

A Tapasvi’s Determination

Master’s messages-2.2 Pain and pleasure

“Life is a journey of pain and pleasure.”


A ‘Haridasa’ (a mendicant) has a pair of cymbals in his one hand which represents the 2 aspects of life; namely good/bad, joy/grief, pain/pleasure and he holds in his other hand the tambura (stringed instrument) which represents the samsara or the world. The cymbals provide the ‘taala’ (beat) and the tambura provide the ‘shruti’ (tune/pitch). As both of these are required to enhance the effect of glory of God sung from the mouth; the experiences of the world will one day surely lead us to understand the glory of the Lord.

Story based on message 2.2

Source- Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1, chapter 2


Master’s messages-2.1 Bhakti leading to surrender


“One attains self realisation only when one is ready and the time is right.”

Lord is a mountain of Love and can be attained by Bhakti (devotion). Total surrender is the highest form of Bhakti. When devotion is just emerging; as a sapling a fence is needed to protect the tender plant, the fence of sanathana dharma is needed to protect the devotion. Sanathana dharma is the eternal religion with its rules, regulations, commands etc. The spiritual practices of chanting the Lord’s name, doing selfless service, reading the scriptures, leading a noble life are all the initial things to start off in a spiritual journey. When one is mature in this and then begins the quest of self realisation; he attains the knowledge when the time is right. A fruit when it is green will not fall even if the gale is furious, but when it is fully ripe it drops to the ground even in the silence of the night.

Story based on message 2.1

Source- Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol1, Chapter 2




Master’s messages-1.6- Control of mind

Only discovery of one’s self will help control of the mind

Sadhana or spiritual practices are required to control the mind and the desires after which it runs. Man’s one wish leads to another; one bond brings about ten others. It is in the very nature of human desire; for the joy one gets through its satisfaction is imperfect, limited, temporary and pregnant with grief. The only true happiness is discovering one’s own self.

Story based on message 1.6

The saint and the cow

Master’s messages-1.5-Pure love

Develop purity of heart. Let off Ego let in God.

God draws the individual towards Himself. It is like the magnet attracting the iron filings. But if the iron flings are rusted the magnet cannot attract it. One must develop love, purity of heart so that the Lord is attracted and can be seated in one’s heart. He is always there but if we have the rust of ego, jealousy, hatred, anger etc we cannot see Him. So one must be pure and shine forth ones real nature to realise God.

Story based on message 1.5

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