Bhaja Govindam Verse 27 with story and essence

Verse 27

Geyaṁ gītā nāma sahasraṁ

dhyeyaṁ śrīpati rūpamajasram,

Neyaṁ sajjana sange cittaṁ

deyaṁ dīnajanāya ca vittam

The Bhagavadgītā should be sung, and the Sahasranāma should be chanted; always the form of the Lord Nārāyaṇā is to be meditated upon; the mind is to be led towards the company of the good; wealth is to be distributed to the needy.


Story based on the above verse


The Bhagavadgītā and other scriptures are given to us for the purification of our minds, and the correction of our perception of life. Having given up lust, anger, greed, and delusion, the seeker sees in the Self, ‘He am I’. We have the need for our inner development. Thus, the Bhagavad Gītā should not only be sung or recited, but must also be studied. It not only tells us what the goal is, but also tells us of the path or the means to it. Therefore, the Bhagavad Gītā gives us viveka or discriminative understanding.

Lord’s names should be chanted or recited. It  can be the name of any God.  The reciting of these names is very important because the devotion that accompanies it has a tremendous effect on the mind. It has a purifying effect on the mind while, at the same time, asserting our commitment to the ultimate truth ie self realisation

May our intellect always be in the company of the wise or the good.

There must be an attitude of charity in our life. Charity is not expressed merely in giving money. It is to be expressed by our whole being. We should be a charitable person in whatever we do. Even in our speech, we should use words and expressions in a charitable manner so that we do not hurt anybody when we are talking to them. It is not that we have to do great things in our life to be good people. Even little things go a long way if they are done in the spirit of charity, in the spirit of giving, and in the spirit of offering. Giving money is just one of the things we can do. Here, money stands for whatever wealth we have, which is not only monetary wealth, but wealth in terms of our  time, our mind, our knowledge, and our compassion. We have all that wealth. Let us always be ready and prepared to give that, to share it with others. Thus, there should be a spirit of sharing in our life.

sharing 01

This verse tells us beautifully how to do that. Our speech, our mind, our intellect, and our actions, let all of these be focused upon the Lord attaining whom is our ultimate goal.

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For students

Story based on the above verse

Students should develop the habit of daily thanking God and being grateful for everything they are blessed with. Daily routine of just a few minutes of prayer should be cultivated from young. Good company is very important since childhood. It is an impressionable age and right company is very critical. Children should develop the habit of sharing and caring. All these qualities will help them later in their lives to attain both material and spiritual goals.








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