Gratitude Offering- Sai Aradhana 2018

sai ar

Dearest Sai Ma,

It is 7 years since You chose to be formless and be permanently enshrined in our hearts. On this auspicious day of Sai Aradhana, we Your children from Sai Balsanskaar team offer our heartfelt gratitude to You.

Team Odia- Sis Sangeetha

A beautiful poem penned especially for You; dearest Sai

My Ego thinks,

I did this,

And I did that,

A soft voice within says, What !!!

The voice whispers in my ear,

Dear bangaroo,are you sure ?

I fumble and blabber,

And search hither and thither,

Ultimately my mind stops its chatter,

My heart throws open its door.

The search begins within,

Answers flash in,

Things get clear,

Understanding better and better.

I say aloud,

Oh my lord!

How can I forget you ?

You are in me and I am in you.

Holding your hand,

I ferry around,

Crossing each hurdle that life sets on,

With your name on my lips,I carry on,

My journey begins and ends with the lesson,

That You are with me in this sojourn.


Surrendered at the divine lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai

Team Gujarati- Sis Ila, Jyoti, Hema, Gira

We are very grateful to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving us this divine opportunity to do this seva of spreading the teachings of the 5 Human Values to little children all over the world through these stories.

Team Sanskrit- Sis Sripriya

Dear Swami,

My humble pranams at thy divine lotus feet.  Thank you Swami for guiding me and showing the way.  I am really blessed to be a part of the Sanskrit team (My Sai and I).

Team Kannada- Sis Vasanthi

My Humble Pranams At Lotus Feet of Swami, On this special day would like to express my gratitude to Swami for giving me an opportunity for this translation seva. I feel myself evolving gradually learning from the stories i translate and also have learnt many aspects of the language as well. Thanking you Dear Swami.

Team Bengali- Sis Sinchita

” I am  truly  grateful to Swami for making me a part  of the translation seva and Vidya Vahini . I am blessed with the opportunity of translating value based stories in Bengali, which are meant to inculcate values and morals in children of various age groups. This noble deed gives immense satisfaction but nothing would have been possible without His grace . I offer my humble pranams to Swami and pray for His constant guidance and blessings. Thank you Swami for making me a part of this team.”

Team Hindi- Sis Archana

My most humble, loving and prayerful salutations at the divine lotus feet of my dearest Sai Ma.  Thank you so much, my beloved Sai Ma, for choosing me as Your instrument.
Time and again I am reminded of what Swami had once mentioned to one of His students, “I give you a chance to serve so that it gives Me a chance to shower My bountiful grace on you.” 
Swami’s inexhaustible love, continuous protection and guidance are felt every single day of my life. On the Sai Aaradhana day, my only prayer to Swami is that, “May my love for Him increase with every passing moment of my life and my faith gets as unwavering as a rock so that I totally surrender myself at Your feet.”

Team Tamil- Sis Saraswathy, Sis Ranjani, Sis Jeya, Sis Gayatri, Bro Kodanadaraman, Sis Supriya, Sis Valli

  • Human values and its significance are imparted through stories in Saibalsanskaar, which while being ostensibly for children, re-energize the writer and the translator. We as a translation team have derived immense benefits from this blessing, come to us by way of an opportunity to translate stories into Tamil. The Tamil translation team has members of different age groups (from students to senior citizens), with varied vintage (writers, past school teachers, homemakers, Balvikas gurus etc) and with various interests. Each member had unique experiences when engaged in this Seva opportunity. Provided below is how some of our translation team members derived benefits at an individual and collective level.
  • Listening to the preaching delivered by others is something we all do. However, when the mother delivers the same message, it sinks in deeper. This is because the mother’s approach is full of love and intimacy, which we all know is completely selfless and purely for our benefit. Similarly, when a message is conveyed to a person in his mother tongue, the listener would be able to grasp it effortlessly. SaiBalSanskaar-Tamil is doing precisely this. I am grateful to Swami for this blessed opportunity.
  • This Story Translation Seva took me through a long divine journey during the past 1 year. With the experience I gained in SaiBalSanskaar, I am able to contribute a lot to our Sathya Sai Balvikas website. Thanks to Swami and the SaiBalSanskaar team for providing this opportunity to be in Seva.
  • At a time when I was going through a low phase in my life; I heard about this translation seva. It came as a blessing for me. I am enjoying this seva and it is keeping me meaningfully engaged. Hoping that my work impacts someone positively bringing happiness and peace to their lives as it has brought for me. Grateful.
  • I am a housewife with two children, who heard of Swami a few years back only. Because of responsibilities on the home front, I could not do much Seva though I desired to. My prayers for being able to do Seva from home were answered after few months, when I came to know about this translation opportunity. I was so happy; that day is unforgettable. This story translation is not only for children. It is for me also to change my attitude.
  • In the midst of my college schedules, I try my best to contribute whenever possible. It has been a lovely experience and feels nice when the reach is far and wide.
  • Pranams at your lotus feet, our beloved Swami. We have no words to describe Your Grace on all the members of the team. From where we were when we started to where we are now, is all Your Grace. Continue showering your blessings always. Thanking You Dearest Sai Ma.

Team Telugu- Sis Visala, Rajyalakshmi Rajagopal, Prashanti

  • Dear Swami,
    Through this blog work you are teaching me the importance of focus and patience in human life.
    Practically following of these 2 are very tough for me. But I believe with your grace ,one day  I will be able to learn focus and patience . Please bless me to serve you as an instrument in the divine mission.
  • My humble salutations to the Lotus Feet of Bhagwan. It was at a time when I was going through a most challenging time. I was fervently praying to Bhagwan for a direction, clarity and purpose in life and for ways to make it a meaningful one.  As an answer to my prayers Swami gradually brought me closer and ‘Sameep’ to Himself, in other words, verily from ‘Darkness to Light!’ (Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya!). Swami blessed me with the divine opportunity to be a small part of His mission through this Translation activity and made me part of this beautiful Sai family.

While at an external level, this is an activity of translation, internally however, it helped and continues to help me in my own sadhana. The wisdom ingrained in the content which I was translating, helped me look deeper and deeper inward. I realised that Swami, out of His infinite mercy, bestowed upon me this Divine activity for my own inner purification. Grateful thanks to You; Swami for blessing me with such opportunity. No amount of words can ever be sufficient to express my gratitude to You Bhagawan.

  • Swami what started as a seed –an inspiration from you through couple of members, grew into a tree under your loving care and guidance. Thank you so much for lovingly introducing more and more volunteers who are relentlessly participating in this great effort to prepare Human values based content for kids.

We were able to offer the first set of stories last year, which are being used by kids in schools back in India. That filled us all with immense joy, motivation and gratitude for you. Though we all are geographically located in various countries if we were and are able to work as a team –it is ONLY because of your unseen hands behind this. We children want to thank you for this opportunity to work collectively for only ONE CAUSE-LOVE FOR YOU AND YOUR MESSAGE.

With the encouragement, you gave us by blessing the first set of stories we are offering the second set of stories enriched with human values this year. We are also feeling so humble for the opportunity to work on Balagovindam –A collection of stories illustrating the meaning of Bhajagovindam Slokas composed by Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya .

Please help us to reach out to many more children globally. You are the doer and working through each of us to inculcate human values in kids through these stories.

Team English- Padmini, Vasanthi, Vani, Nandini

It has been 5 years now since You inspired us to blog on human value stories and this year with Your Divine grace, we have started the series on Sai Satcharitra stories and stories based on Sathya Sai Speaks.

Always guide and inspire us dearest Swami to be Your humble instruments and continue serving Your Divine Mission.

Our heartfelt gratitude at Your Divine Lotus Feet

Love You dearest Sai Ma.







Words of Gratitude to the Divine Master on the 6th Sai Aradhana Day- 24th Apr 2017 from the Saibalsanskaar team


Dearest Swami

Koti pranams at Your Divine Lotus Feet from Your children at the SaiBalsanskaar team. Words fail to describe the love, mercy and grace You have poured on this team. We would like to humbly offer gratitude to You with our limited knowledge of words but filled with love and devotion for You. It is 4 years since You had blessed us to start this human values blog to spread the value based stories and lessons throughout the globe irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender. With Your divine grace, we are moving step by step in this direction in 10 Indian languages other than English and currently active in 1 international language (Mandarin) and 2 other languages (Swedish and Spanish) which are initiated; and will take shape with Your grace at the right time. 



The team members pour out their love and gratitude to You through their heartfelt words

Team Hindi- Sis Archana

Swami says, “Service is the most difficult of the 9 steps to inner reality……it is basically action arising out of the yearning to win the grace of God….It is the most important step to erase ego…”

I am really thankful to my most loving Swami for putting me on the path to inner reality. It is His infinite compassion that I am able to contribute a tiny droplet in His Mission. It is indeed an action arising out of the yearning to win His grace. Ever since I have taken up this service, I certainly think of Him more and more and despite many challenges along the way, make every possible effort to do His work with utmost sincerity so that I can be a recipient of His grace.

This Seva has certainly helped me to identify my ego and start taking baby steps to go beyond it to achieve the Higher purpose of life.

My most sincere and heartfelt thanks and most loving and humble salutations at the Divine Lotus Feet of my Sadguru.

Team Gujarati- Sis Jyoti/ Sis Ila

My humble Pranams at the lotus feet of Swami. Being a part of the saibalsanskaar translation team for the past few years has really been an inspirational and transformative experience.

It is one thing to read a story and quite another to translate it; as that requires a lot more thought and reflection. I thank Swami for this opportunity to allow me the chance to be a part of this team and enrich my life.

Team Kannada- Sis Vasanthi

My humble Pranams  at the Divine Lotus Feet  of  Swami.   As days are progressing I can see the transformation happening in me gradually, because with each story I translate I get to learn a lesson from it and try to inculcate in my daily life. In addition I am also learning a lot technically in the manner in which translation has to be done, it is all because of the opportunity given by this team. Thank you Swami for making me a part of this Team.

Team Tamil- Sis Ranjani/Aunty Saraswati/Sis Jeya

Our deepest gratitude to dearest Swami for having blessed us with this wonderful opportunity for publishing value based stories in Tamil. We pray for His continued blessings and guidance!!!

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. We pray to Swami to bless us with the right vision to work for the right cause and sincerely wish to do our best to become the best instruments of Swami.

Over the last 3 years that we’ve been doing this work, we have seen immense societal and personal benefits. The purpose of these stories is to spread the human values among children; so when we see these stories being valued and used by schools for educating children, it gives great satisfaction. Our command over the language has noticeably improved during this period, even as the stories remind us continuously of the need to live their messages.

We will do our best and follow the five principles of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa. We will live by Your principles and sincerely pray that we get many more opportunities to serve You. Thank you once again dearest Swami.

Team Bengali- Sis Sinchita

” I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Swami for giving me the opportunity for being part of translation seva and Vidya Vahini . It is only through His grace that I have been made a part of such noble causes. The execution of such works have instilled more confidence in me, raised my self-esteem and made me strong in handling various problems as I traverse the path of life. Thank you.

values diagram

Team Malayalam- Aunty Shanta

I wish to express my gratitude to beloved Baba for choosing me to do this translation work. It gives me great pleasure to translate moral stories into a different language that will benefit specific groups.I have been always looking for opportunities to serve society. By Baba ‘s blessings, this opportunity came my way and has helped me use my time in a beneficial way. I offer my humble prayers and gratitude at the lotus feet of Baba.

Team Sanskrit- Sis Sripriya

My Humble Pranams at The Divine Lotus Feet Dearest Swami,

Thank you Swami for making me a part of saibaalsanskaar.  Having good satsangh and good people around is a blessing. You are giving me the opportunity to learn through Saibaalsanskaar and guiding me in and out.  Words fail to express.  Please make us all an instrument of Thee.

Team Odiya- Sis Sangeeta/ Sis Prashanthi

Beautiful poem penned by Sis Sangeeta to her beloved Lord Sai


The shower of your love

The rain of your compassion

awakens my soul

Keeps me alive

It is but your smile

And The Abhaya Hasta

Makes my life worthwhile

A light house like you

Lights my path through

You are  my destination

You show me direction

You are the sailor

You also the saviour

Why to worry

When you ferry

In this sojourn

I am not alone

In your company

Life is easy

The world goes topsy turvy

But my faith still steady

At your divine lotus feet

Team Telugu- Sis Visala/ Sis Lakshmi/Sis Prasanthi/Sis Surya Kala/Sis Anuradha/ Sis Rajyalaxmi

Dear swami,

Thanks a lot for the opportunities you are giving me to change my outlook towards life. Slowly I am getting to know how precious human life is! We are very fortunate to have YOU in our lives. Please give us strength to serve you forever.

Koti Pranams to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

The translation seva is a blessing from Swami for me. There are some stories where, I find the words, difficult to translate, when I ask for help, I can hear some voice prompting me to write the word. When I check the story, I am really surprised that it was written by me.

I humbly and truly wish that many children should benefit with these stories and get Swami’s blessings. Prostrations


Yet another critical year passed by! On the eve of Mahasamadhi day you have chosen to transcend from Form to formless to help us experience your Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence more and more in each of our day to day lives. Today it brings us immense joy to express gratitude at Thy Lotus feet for blessing us to experience this. You have graciously blessed us with new cheerful, active team members this year and blessed each of us to actively participate in something which has been more dear to you – NOURISHING TENDER HEARTS WITH HUMAN VALUES! Irrespective of hurdles in career and personal life, you have helped each of us to work as a team and ensured that there was NO pause at any point of time whatsoever. We pray you to help us continue to do the same with more and more vigor and passion.

All we could offer is OUR LOVE FOR YOU SWAMI!

human values

By Your grace, in the past 4 years, SB has come a long way with being involved in the Vidya Vahini program and also the stories reaching out to various Balvikas children and some schools in India. The Divine plan is unfolding slowly. SB now also has a section on ‘Bhaja Govindam’ stories and Your message based stories (Sathya Sai Speaks). Thanks for inspiring and guiding us in this journey.

Our only prayer to You, always bless us to be Your humble instruments and work through us to make a small difference in this noble cause and help us improve ourselves daily thus transforming us and be a fragrant flower that can be offered at Your Divine lotus feet.

sai paadam 1

With deepest gratitude and love

Your children from SB team.







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