Master’s messages- Vol 1-3.3- Dharma will protect the righteous

“If we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us”

First step in spiritual discipline is adherence to dharma (righteousness). “Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha”. “If we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us”
Protection of Dharma does not mean mere adoration of Dharma. It is the effort of putting the principles of Dharma into practice. Dharma grants happiness and peace. Adharma makes life miserable with agony and sorrow. Dharma observed in worldly life; will lead to observance of dharma in spiritual life also.

Story of the week

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 1- Chapter 3

Kallu Ram and Guru Nanak

Value- Truth

Sub value- Awakening, Realisation

A poor man named Kallu Ram invited Guru Nanak to dine at his house. Guru Nanak accepted the invitation.

A day was fixed, Guru Nanak went to the house of the poor man. The door was closed. Guru Nanak knocked at the door, but it was sometime before the door was opened. The poor man came out and said, “Revered Sir, I did not open the door in time. Pardon me.” Guru Nanak asked, “My dear brother, what were you doing?” The poor man answered; “Guruji! I was driving nails into the wall”. Guru Nanak said; “Driving nails into the wall? Follow me.” The poor man replied; “I will obey thy commands. I will follow thee.”

The poor man left all his possessions and followed Guru Nanak. He practised the spiritual instructions of the Guru and became Guru Nanak’s beloved disciple.


The sweet merciful voice of the Guru comes to us and asks; what are we doing? Driving nails into the wall? Still hopelessly sunk in the quagmire of samsara? Still wasting the life in eating, drinking, smoking, playing cards and merry making? Still forgetful of the purpose of life and glory of Atma and Self realisation? Let us pray to the Lord to guide us; to send us a merciful Master who will lead us from ignorance to wisdom and light.

Courtesy: Philosophical Stories- Swami Sivananda

Master’s messages- Vol 1- 3.2 Connect yourself to the source

In this impermanent world only the immanent power of the Lord is permanent

shadow muddy water

In this impermanent world only the immanent power of the Lord is permanent and fixed, so one has to perforce to attach oneself to that source and sustenance. There is no escape for anyone from this. When shadow falls either on mud or dirt, on wet or dry patch of land, it does not get affected. Shadow and its experiences are not eternal or true. Similarly we must be convinced that we are but the shadow of the Absolute and that is the remedy for sorrow and pain.

Story based on the above message

Courtesy- Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 3

Real Devotion

Value- Love

Sub value- Devotion

krishna arjuna 02

In a village, one scholar was giving a great exposition on the Bhagvad Gita. A rustic man also came to listen to the talk.

All people were listening with rapt attention at the commentary, but this rustic was weeping.

When enquired about this, the rustic replied that he wept at the predicament of the Lord who had to sit on the chariot and half turn his head behind to talk to Arjuna and how much pain this would have caused to the Lord? . The rustic had identified himself with the characters in the episode.

The rustic had real devotion for the lord and could experience what the Lord would have gone through during the entire conversation with Arjuna


It is one thing to expound and listen to the great scriptures; but if one is not able to absorb the right message and practise it; it is of not of much use. The scriptures are only guides and maps. We have to understand that and put into practice the teachings.

Adapted from Chinna Katha- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

A dear devotee


Value- Love

Sub value- Yearning for the Lord

One day in the sacred shrine of lord Viswanath at Kasi, all the devotees and temple priests were immersed in singing hymns and reciting chants. All of a sudden, they heard a metallic sound. When they turned their heads in that direction they saw a shining gold plate on the floor of the shrine. It must have fallen through an open space in the center of the hall from the sky leading to the sanctum sanctorum. All of them gathered around in wonder, as the chief temple priest went close to examine it. He found the following words inscribed on it,”This belongs to my dear devotee” and read the inscription loudly. Soon   the temple priests vied with one another to snatch the plate with the feeling, “Who could be a greater devotee than myself. I spend my time, talent and strength only to offer worship to the Lord Viswanath of Kasi.” But the plate changed into an earthen one the moment they touched it one after another.

News spread like wild fire about the golden plate. Several scholars, singers, poets and preachers came and tried their luck but in vain. Days, weeks and months rolled on but the plate remained there without a claimant.

One day, a stranger came to the temple. As he  stood at the entrance,  tears gathered in his eyes when he saw beggars, blind, dumb and lame piteously pleading for alms. He felt ashamed of his inability to relieve them of their hunger and agony. He wanted to pray to the Lord and so stepped into the temple. He saw people gathered round and discussing something. He tried to squeeze himself into the crowd to find out why they were standing there.

He saw a golden plate in the center of that enclosure. He inquired and was told about the episode of the golden plate. He was rather surprised and sad at the attitude of the people and the priests. Instead of praying to the Lord of the Universe and trying to earn His grace, they were eager to possess the golden plate. Observing his nonchalant attitude, the high priest requested him to try his hand. The stranger replied: “Oh Revered one! I do not care for either gold or silver, what I long for is God’s Grace.” The priest’s esteem for that man increased. So he once again requested him, “At least to satisfy us, please try your hand.” The stranger touched the plate without a trace of attachment. Lo! It shone forth with redoubled effulgence.

All the priests gathered round and queried: “Sir, where do you come from? What are your qualifications? What are the branches of learning you have mastered? How many years did you do penance?” The stranger replied calmly: “I don’t belong to any place. I just manage to earn my bread by hard labor. The only sadhana I do is Namasmaran [repeating the name of the Lord]. This has perhaps rendered my heart pure and filled it with love and compassion. It has enabled me to control my mind and the senses. I have not read any book or mastered any science. The only art I know of is chanting the Name Divine. The only act I do is to be kind to the poor.”


The only qualification to become dear to the Lord is to acquire a compassionate heart and sense control. These two can be acquired through Namasmaran (chanting the name of the Lord) with full faith, love and devotion.

Adapted from Chinnakatha by Sri Sathya Sai baba

Master’s messages-Vol1- 3.1 God is all powerful

God incarnates as human to set example to mankind.

God is Maha Shakti ( Supreme Energy) and Jeeva (individual being) is Maya Shakti (deluding power). God cannot come down without His Mahashakti unimpaired; He has to come with diminished splendour and effulgence so that he can become the object of Bhakti and Dedicated service. He undergoes all trials and tribulations as humans do but leads by setting an example for mankind to follow the righteous path.

Story based on the message

Based on Sathya Sai Speaks-Vol1- Chapter 3

My tribute to my Balvikas Guru



I met my aunty KRIPA, in 1988,

She looked at me at the start of Balvikas class where I was introduced to her,

She was a mighty galore,

Full of wits and wisdom,

I was a nut-cracker, full of misery wise system.

When i saw her, she saw me,

Yes, there was an immediate karmic connection,

Only she knesw it and i knew it, what was the meet all about it.

She taught me bhajan and vedam,

She taught me stories and poems,

She taught me shlokas and mantras.

She taught me various items,

I gathered all of those messy systems.

It is because of her, that I became a very good HUMANE HUMAN BEING.

She taught me to be sympathetic and empathetic,

She taught me to be not to be worldy in this worldly world.

Days passed by, years passed by ,

In 1993, i was having a death-experience.

Doctors could not diagnose what was wrong in my life.

She passed on her stride in my strife.

She suggested me to be in prayers and do lot of penances.

I did it and my life was back on tracks where it was in gutters before.

It is because of her empathy, i gained god’s sympathy.

I was living, because of this aunty’s craving,

She made me strong, when everything was going wrong.

She let her life grow weary, but made my life deary.

I am a double PG, DBM, because of aunty’s great telepathy.

She passed away in 1995, but she in high -5’s i believe.

She is in some other world, grazing at me, with that same intensity & grandiosity.

She is sai’s world, i am in my world.

But both are enjoying their worldly matters.

She is looking at me, and I am looking at her.

She is giving me her prayers, and I am giving her my joys.

She is sitting at my side, she is taking away my worries.

I am praying for her outpouring of graces on me.

I believe in her saying =

Do not believe on your self, but believe in the divine providence.

Only sai can save you. No one can.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

I have succeeded and super-succeeded in my life,

Because of kripa aunty.

She had the gut to remove the rut.

She gave me the trick of life to launch the attack on pain of strife.

The spark in my life was because of aunty’s marks on my packs.

She gave all the hints to swallow the mints of troubles,

She bore all my crosses, and gave me shortcuts of successes.

It is because of her, i became a daffodil flower.

She taught me –

5 d’s- duty, devotion, discipline, dedication, determination

3 p’s- patience, persistence & perserverance.

I got to learn 4 b’s- breaking barriers and building bridges.

Follow 4 f’s- follow the master, face the devil, fight the game & finish till the end.

I became a Rose- a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance because of Kripa aunty.


Your loving student

With gratitude



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