Buddha and the angry man


Value- Peace

Sub value- Patience

One day Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came up and began insulting him. “You have no right teaching others,” he shouted. “You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake.”

Buddha was not upset by these insults. Instead he asked the young man “Tell me, if you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, to whom does the gift belong?”

The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question and answered, “It would belong to me, because I bought the gift.”

The Buddha smiled and said, “That is correct. And it is exactly the same with your anger.

If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted, then the anger falls back on you.


One must learn to control our anger. Our words and actions can affect others. Think before you speak. Also develop patience and tolerance towards someone who behaves angrily.

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Quick Enlightenment

Value- Devotion- (Vihanga type of devotion)

Sub value-Patience

One devotee while he was at a great Master’s ashram got this strong feeling that he wanted to be enlightened in this very lifetime, and being impatient he wanted it very quickly, he decided the fastest way to do this was to become a complete renunciate.

master and devotee

So he prayed to the Lord to take away all his worldly attachments. When he returned back to his house, he found a realtor putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign outside his house. During his absence, his wife had started divorce proceedings and taken possession of their house and furnishings after removing all funds from their joint bank accounts and other financial instruments.

When he opened his mail, he learned that he was being audited by the tax people because he hadn’t responded to their inquiries in timely fashion. He was in big trouble. He also learned that he’d been fired from his job for accounting irregularities. He lost all his possessions as they were bought on loan. His bank accounts had been sealed.

Finally he put two and two together. He immediately borrowed money from his friend and rushed to see his Master back in the ashram and prayed fervently to him, explaining that while he wanted to become enlightened, he had decided not through the route of complete renunciation.

When he returned back to his house; he found that, the ‘For Sale’ sign had been removed; his wife had changed her mind about divorcing him; his employer had realized a terrible mistake had been made by an internal audit, and rehired him; and the tax people decided to drop their audit when he explained his hard-luck story.


One has to be patient in achieving any goal of life. Nothing comes so easily. Especially in the spiritual path; patience perseverance and faith is absolutely required.


A true friend

Value- Right conduct

Sub value- Friendship

He called his friend; and told him: “I’m in need of money, my mom is sick and I have no money for her treatment.”


His friend said: ” Alright my dear friend, just call me later after sometime.”

He called him but his phone was switched off.

He kept calling over and over again, until he got tired.

And went to search for another friend who can help him with the treatment fee.

But he couldn’t find anyone who can help.

He returned back to home and found a bag of medications near his mother’s pillow and she was sleeping.

He asked his brother, the brother told him: “Your friend came and collected the prescriptions and brought these medicines, he just went out not long ago”.

He smiled and with tears in his eyes he went out to look for his friend, and when he found him; he asked him : “Where have you been? I have been calling you since but your phone was switched off..?”

The friend replied: “I sold my phone and bought the medications for your mom”


A friend in need is a friend indeed. One can be called a true friend only if one is there for that friend in times of need for his support and help him/her out.

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Power of namasmarana

Value- Faith

Sub value- Devotion, conviction


One day, Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal, with a few soldiers, went on a visit to a nearby province. On the way, as they galloped on their horses, Akbar noticed Birbal moving his lips constantly. When asked, Birbal said that it was the divine name “Rama” that he was constantly repeating, which he had inherited from his parents. Emperor Akbar was impressed and was proud of his minister.

A little later they realized that they were separated from the soldiers and had lost their way in the woods. Both of them were really exhausted and hungry. Akbar wanted Birbal to accompany him in search of food. But Birbal settled down under a tree with his japa mala and requested Akbar to excuse him for a hour to do his Rama nama japa.

Akbar was surprised and annoyed. He said, “Will this Rama nama bring you food? We need to put some effort and not just sit under a tree and chant.” Birbal quietly continued his japa. The angry king stomped away by himself in search for food.

After walking a while Akbar found a small hut in a clearing. The moment the occupants knew that it was the Emperor himself, they welcomed him with all respect and fed him well. The king offered them a few gold coins as a token of appreciation. Before he took leave, he also had some food packed for Birbal.

Akbar then triumphantly went back to the place where Birbal was chanting Rama nama. After finishing his japa, Birbal happily greeted the king and asked if he had been able to find anything to eat. The king nodded proudly and handed Birbal the food that he had brought, saying sarcastically, “Only effort has brought this food. This was not fetched by Birbal who sat here chanting Nama.”

Birbal did not utter a word, but ate the food with tearful eyes. Once Birbal finished his dinner, he turned to Akbar and said in a choked voice, “Only today have I directly experienced the power of Rama Nama! Though you are a great emperor, you had to beg for food today. But do you know what this Rama Nama has done for me, who did nothing but simply chant it? Rama Nama has made the king beg and bring food for me, a poor nobody! I have been blessed with food although I was only simply sitting here under the tree. This is verily the glory of Rama Nama!”

Akbar was dumbfounded!


Chanting the name of the Lord with full faith and devotion can make miracles happen. It does not mean that we dont work and just chant the name of the Lord. But we must remember that only our efforts may always not necessarily get us positive results. Everyday if we take out some time to remember and thank the Lord; He will always be with us and take care of our needs. One needs to have faith and devotion.

Love for father

Value- Love

Sub value- Concern, respect, filial



Value of Time- Time Management



Turn your life in just 10 minutes :

My dad once told me : “You can apply the 10 minutes mantra to turn around your life in a tremendous way.”

I didn’t understand at first. “What’s the big deal in 10 minutes?” I asked.

“There’s indeed a big deal about it. 10 minutes, believe me son, can create a marvellous difference in our life,” my dad offered wisely.

“Elaborate please, dad,”

“I’ll tell you. But first, you’ve to get up tomorrow at 6.00 am.” My dad conditioned. I agreed.

Next day, as I woke up at the agreed time, my dad came to my room.

“What’s the time?”

“6.00 am” I replied.

“Okay, so before you can follow the 10 minutes mantra, you have to follow the art of being aware about the clock,”

I was confused. My dad continued, “Look at the clock. It’s 6.00 am. Now within 10 minutes I ask you to do the following – Arrange your bed and your table; drink two glasses of water, wash your face and brush your teeth. But keep looking at your clock while doing these. That’s it”

“Well…Okay,” I said, thinking what could be the catch my dad wanted me to capture.

I began and started doing all he asked. All the time, I kept glancing at the wall clock. Finally after 10 minutes (or 30 seconds earlier to be exact) I had finished it all.

“Well done, boy. You have turned around your life!” My dad praised, patting on my back.

“What?” I was astonished and puzzled, unable to grasp, and asked earnestly “I didn’t get you, dad.”

“Think, son, think!” My dad urged, “Recall your earlier days. How did your day started off?”

I racked my brains and pondered over. Usually, I wake up at 6.00 am. Then, I wander off, yawning lazily and even sleep for some more minutes or sit idly on my chair, my thoughts in thousand directions. And, by the time I finish the above activities, it was already past 7.00 am.

“And today, it’s just 6.10 am” my dad said as if he read my mind.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, starting to understand.

“So what made you do it?” my dad asked.

I thought. What made me do it? Because my dad told me to do? No, no. There was more to it. And then it hit me.

“ The art of being aware about the clock!” I almost shouted.

“Yes and also ten minutes.” My dad said, smiling at my wonderstruck face.

My dad explained: “By setting your eyes on the clock and thinking about 10 minutes, your mind got focused in that span of 10 minutes. It was just like a deadline or a due date. The “10 minutes” deadline kept your mind in the present; in the “NOW ” and prevented you from wandering off.”

I was impressed. Just a matter of meagre 10 minutes had such a mighty effect! I had completed all those routine activities on time. Now, I felt I have so much time ahead (as compared to 7.00am, it was just 6.10 am!). With so much time saved, I could work on creative and productive activities, instead of loitering around aimlessly. Time is indeed, the most precious thing on earth.

A question piqued my curiosity, “Dad, why only 10 minutes. Why can’t we divide our activities into 1 hour slots?”

“Good question,” my dad said, “we can. But Shorter the time, more productive you will get. Imagine, if I told you to do those routine activities in 1 hour? Your mind will make your actions slower because you’ll think you have enough time to do it. Even if an activity takes 1 hour, you can segment it into 10 minutes slots.”

“Give an example,” I was eager to know more.

“You can, for instance, segment your workout time,” my dad resumed. “10 minutes- warm-up; 10 minutes- stretching and 10 minutes-yoga,”

“Really amazing, dad; this 10 minutes stuff can make your life on a roll! Instead of long bouts of inactivity, once can benefit from the short bursts of creativity!”

“Yes. The 10 minutes stuff is just an idea. You can also make it 15 minutes or 20 minutes but not longer than that.” My dad paused and continued :

“The 10 minutes mantra can be applied in every aspect of life. A student, a professional, a businessman or anyone can apply this simple but successful technique. Take an example of student. The student can allot 10 minutes time for a topic. After that, he/she can take 2 minutes rest and resume for another ten minutes. He or she can also take time off and read a good book for 10 minutes or allot just 10 minutes for walking. All a student has to do is to be aware of the clock.

Elaborating it further, we humans have a tendency to keep on delaying small things. We know we have to pay bills on time, and still we delay it beyond the due dates. We are aware that our bike’s tyres need to get pumped, yet we don’t care to stop by the car-shop we pass every day. We promise ourselves to go to a temple on a particular day, yet we never seem to keep our own promise on time. Why? Because our mind wanders off and deems such things as unimportant. If we vow to take just 10 minutes or 20 minutes of our entire 24 hours, we would never procrastinate and our life will be million times better.”

My dad concluded: “ The 10 minutes, if followed consistently, can have a tremendous effect in anyone’s lifestyle. Procrastination and Idleness will vanish away replaced by Focus and Intensity. People will tell you they are short of time. No time for the loved ones, no time for pursuing their dreams, no time to eat, no time for their health as if they are the most busiest people on earth! It’s the lamest excuse one can give.

The 10 minutes mantra can keep us Organized, keep our otherwise disoriented thoughts in check, Balance our life fruitfully and help us to have enough time in our hands. So follow this 10 minutes mantra and see your life turn around at a miraculous pace…..!”

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Act Right, then Claim the Fruit


Value- Peace

Sub value- Patience


A group of monkeys planted a mango garden. They planted the saplings, watered them a few days, and plucked them from off the ground to see how deep the roots had gone! They wanted them to grow fast and yield fruits, but they were unaware of the process by which alone they could get the fruits they craved for.


They wanted to get the results of their act immediately. They didn’t realise that lot of hard work, patience and perseverance is required to get fruits.


Everything has its time to develop and mature at the right time. We must persevere and work patiently instead of getting anxious about the result. Our duty is to do the work with full commitment and the right time we will be rewarded. Patience and perseverance goes a long way in achieving success. So let us act right and then claim the fruit. Cultivate with care and collect the harvest.


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