My tribute to my Balvikas Guru



I met my aunty KRIPA, in 1988,

She looked at me at the start of Balvikas class where I was introduced to her,

She was a mighty galore,

Full of wits and wisdom,

I was a nut-cracker, full of misery wise system.

When i saw her, she saw me,

Yes, there was an immediate karmic connection,

Only she knesw it and i knew it, what was the meet all about it.

She taught me bhajan and vedam,

She taught me stories and poems,

She taught me shlokas and mantras.

She taught me various items,

I gathered all of those messy systems.

It is because of her, that I became a very good HUMANE HUMAN BEING.

She taught me to be sympathetic and empathetic,

She taught me to be not to be worldy in this worldly world.

Days passed by, years passed by ,

In 1993, i was having a death-experience.

Doctors could not diagnose what was wrong in my life.

She passed on her stride in my strife.

She suggested me to be in prayers and do lot of penances.

I did it and my life was back on tracks where it was in gutters before.

It is because of her empathy, i gained god’s sympathy.

I was living, because of this aunty’s craving,

She made me strong, when everything was going wrong.

She let her life grow weary, but made my life deary.

I am a double PG, DBM, because of aunty’s great telepathy.

She passed away in 1995, but she in high -5’s i believe.

She is in some other world, grazing at me, with that same intensity & grandiosity.

She is sai’s world, i am in my world.

But both are enjoying their worldly matters.

She is looking at me, and I am looking at her.

She is giving me her prayers, and I am giving her my joys.

She is sitting at my side, she is taking away my worries.

I am praying for her outpouring of graces on me.

I believe in her saying =

Do not believe on your self, but believe in the divine providence.

Only sai can save you. No one can.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

I have succeeded and super-succeeded in my life,

Because of kripa aunty.

She had the gut to remove the rut.

She gave me the trick of life to launch the attack on pain of strife.

The spark in my life was because of aunty’s marks on my packs.

She gave all the hints to swallow the mints of troubles,

She bore all my crosses, and gave me shortcuts of successes.

It is because of her, i became a daffodil flower.

She taught me –

5 d’s- duty, devotion, discipline, dedication, determination

3 p’s- patience, persistence & perserverance.

I got to learn 4 b’s- breaking barriers and building bridges.

Follow 4 f’s- follow the master, face the devil, fight the game & finish till the end.

I became a Rose- a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance because of Kripa aunty.


Your loving student

With gratitude




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