Master’s messages-Vol 1- 2.6-Being judgmental

Never judge anyone. One cannot understand one’s own self properly and we try judging others.



Many of us tend to judge others often by their past actions or their nature as we know, see or understand them. Most of the times we end up being wrong and regret our quick action of judging others. The way a person behaves, responds or reacts is dependent on the situation and nature of the person. We are no one to judge others. This is not only seen in day to day mundane activities but in spirituality as well. We easily judge others by how much they pray, do good or attend satsangs etc and label them as theist and atheist. Always what is seen is not necessarily true. Some seekers may be quietly moving forward in their spiritual journey. All need not act in the same way. There is no particular right or wrong path. Each one may be following his or her own path. Spiritual arrogance is the worst kind of arrogance. The sign of progress in spirituality is when one starts eliminating his/her ego, anger, jealousy, habit of judging others etc

Story based on the above message

Based on Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 2


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