Bhaja Govindam- Verse 24 with story and essence



Verse 24

Tvayi Mayi Canyatraiko Vishnuh

Vyartham Kupyasi Mayyasahisnuh

Bhava Samacittah Sarvatra tvam

Vanchasyaciradyadi Visnutvam


In you, in me and in other places too there is but one all pervading reality. Being impatient, you are unnecessarily getting angry with me. If you want to attain enlightenment (Vishnutvam), be equal minded in all circumstances. Seek Govinda

Story based on Verse 24


There are various facets in each one of us. For eg there is a superficial ‘me’ and there is an essential ‘me’. There is a social ‘me’ and a spiritual ‘me’.  There is a circumference and a centre. We are lost in the circumference, in the superficial world and hence miss the essential. The whole search of a spiritual person is for this essential ‘me’.

The center in oneself, the core of oneself is all pervading. If this oneness is seen all around, the differences will not create chaos. For eg the body has eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs and each function differently, each look different but the total individual is one.

It is like the phenomenon of electricity which is one entity called as energy but it manifests in a bulb, in a fan, in a refrigerator differently but the source is one entity of electrical energy. The soul in all of us is one reality.

It appears as if there is duality in form and shape. If such duality is perceived in life with misunderstanding, one is bound to be in illusion. But if one sees non duality in all of them, one sees the reality of Vishnutwam.

Hence if one wants to attain enlightenment one must train ourselves to consciously look everything as one and face every situation without disturbing our state of mind. This requires a lot of sadhana and practice.

For students

Story based on the above verse

Cultivate the habit of tolerance and forgiveness from young. Always put yourselves in others shoes. Think how would you have reacted in a situation; ie in a similar situation where other’s reaction or behaviour is affecting you. Even if you feel that you would have reacted rather responded to that situation in a better manner; give benefit of doubt to the other person; try to understand them before impatiently judging and criticising them.

At a younger age when you develop the habits of patience, love, forgiveness, compassion; at a later age it will become your nature and one day it will lead you to understand the actual purpose of life and also attain it.

Essence adapted from Bhaja Govindam by Swami Sukhbodananda

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