Jambavan and Hanuman


Value- Truth

Sub value- Recognise your true self, inner strength

In the story of Ramayana, we know that Sita Devi was kidnapped by Ravana when Lord Rama went in search of the golden deer. Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana set off in search of Sita Devi  where  they met Hanuman , who took them to his monkey king Sugriva.

After Rama helped Sugriva to eliminate Vali and made him the King of Kishkinda, Sugriva promised to help Rama to search Sita by sending his monkey (Vanara) army. They came to know through Sampati, the brother of the bird Jatayu that Ravana had kidnapped Sita and taken her to Lanka. So the Vanara team got into a discussion to see how to reach Lanka and save Sita devi.

Angada the crown prince of Kishkinda says, “I am still small and cannot cross this distance”. Hanuman wasn’t sure of his capability and sat quietly. This is when Jambavan the bear and the wise old one of the army revealed to Hanuman secret about his strength.

As a young monkey, Hanuman could easily fly, even to reach out to the Sun. He is the son of Vayu (Lord of Wind) History says that Hanuman learnt all the Vedas directly from Sun God. He was well learned and powerful even as a child.

hanuman baby

But he was also very naughty and proud of his strength. To put a stop to his mischievous behaviour, he was cursed to forget all his strengths. But, there was a reprieve. He would realise his strength again when others reminded him of that and praised him. Jambavan, knew of this and revealed Hanuman’s strengths and capabilities.

hanuman and jambavan

One hanuman realised his true potential, he set out to cross the ocean single-handed, overcame all the obstacles and later played a key role in the war with Ravana.

At many crucial points during the war Hanuman helped Rama and His army to win Ravana.


Lord Hanuman symbolically stands for pure devotion, complete surrender without any trace of ego. As a monkey he represents the lower self of man which thinks and behaves that he is just that body with limitations. But when he is reminded of who he is and what his strengths are; he gets connected to the higher and then serves and works for the higher after which he merges with that higher. All of us have that inner core strength and potential which when revealed to us can lead us to success both in the material as well as the spiritual world.

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