Lord Rama- Learning from the avatar


Sub value- Right conduct

rama 1

Lord Rama is the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. God manifests in the human form when righteousness declines. He comes in an any form; mostly in human with the limitations of human and leads a righteous life to teach mankind how to face diversities of life undergoing all those himself and leading by example.

Lord Rama was not born like a common people, on contrary, he had appeared before his Mother Kaushalya in the form of four armed Lord Vishnu. At her request, he took the form of a normal human baby.

As a young lad he went to the Gurukula of Vashishta to gain knowledge. He led the life of an ideal son, brother and student. He respected and always obeyed his parents and guru. He took the blessings of various rishis and visited their ashrams. These were the rishis who were praying Lord Vishnu to come to the earth and when he did come; he didn’t show his miraculous powers, rather he learnt from them and respected them.

He was example of a perfect son who took his father’s permission to go to with Sage  Vishwamitra to the forests and then on to Mithila to attend the swayamvara of Sita. He left for the exile with his wife to keep the word of his father. In the forest he along with Sita and Lakshmana had to undergo so many hardships but still he did not say a word against his father or Kaikeyi. He chased the golden deer as Sita longed for it and he was in despair when Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. He did everything possible including befriending the monkeys to killing of Ravana to get Sita back.

Though as Lord Vishnu he had the Mahashakti (all the supreme powers) he didnt use them to solve his problems. He faced the situation and handled them in the appropriate manner. But he displayed his divine nature of right conduct through his duty for his parents and guru, to destroy the evil and protect the good, bless and liberate his devotees like Shabari, his equal love for animals who in turn reciprocated in helping him in his mission.


Lord takes human form to uplift the righteous and he does so by being a human and going through the same ups and downs of life like any other human but by leading a righteous life which will set an example for mankind to follow. He has Mahashakti but chooses to exhibit only some of it to uplift the mankind.


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