Master’s messages- Vol 1- 1.4-Ups and downs of life

Ups and downs, joy and grief are both essential part of life. A wise man understands this well.


The ‘World’ is an essential part of the curriculum of man. There are ups and downs, happiness and sorrows. Pains in life are worthwhile; they indicate the birth of new life. From restlessness one gets absolute peace, from absolute peace to bright spiritual illumination and then to Supreme Divine radiance. It is like the alternating of day and night, the recurrence of joy and grief. Both are needed and if one understands this, he is a wise person. Eg Thorny and thorn less plants are both in nature; the wise man knows the value of both; he plants the thorn less one and surrounds it with thorny ones so that what he fosters is unharmed.

Story based on message 1.4

Message and essence based on Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 1




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