Bhaja Govindam- Verse 22 with story and essence




Verse 22

Rathyā carpaṭa viracita kanthaḥ

 Puṇyāpuṇya vivarjita panthaḥ,

Yogī yoganiyojita citto

Ramate bālonmattavadeva

The yogin who wears only the rags made of old cloth, who walks the path that is beyond merit and demerit, whose understanding mind is joined in perfect yoga with its goal, revels (in truth) and lives thereafter-as a child or as a madman. Seek Govinda !!

Story based on verse 22

monk 1

There was a monk leading a simple life. The people of the town respected him for his simplicity as they considered him to be a wise man by all his actions. In the town a young unwed woman became pregnant which was an embarrassment. In order to save her boyfriend she declared to the elders of the town that this monk was responsible for her pregnancy.

When the monk was encountered he only answered, “Is that so?” He was thrown out of the town  along with the pregnant woman.

The monk went along with the pregnant woman but was quiet about  her untruthful utterance and the shame she brought upon the monk. He continued to beg in the neighboring village not only for himself but for the pregnant woman who sullied his character.

After a few days the woman felt guilty, realised her folly, went back to her town and revealed the truth of who was really responsible for her pregnancy. The elders of the town who banished the monk were repenting for humiliating the monk. They came and profusely apologised. The monk only answered, “Is that so?”

A wise person has no image, thus is inwardly free. In such a case, he will be viewed as a child without any internal image as he is free. Such an inner freedom is unheard by the ignorant.


An important aspect of the wise man is that by wisdom, as he discovers fulfilment from within himself, he becomes a non-demanding person. He accepts with equanimity  whatever comes his way.  He is walking along a path that is devoid of merit and demerit or virtue and vice. These are there only when there is an ego or a sense of doership behind an action.

He is focused upon yoga, one whose mind is focused upon the Lord, and one who abides in the knowledge of the Self. He is always happy. He is intoxicated with the happiness in his own heart. Like a child, he is free from all worries and anxieties. A mind without ego reveals in yoga. Ego divides and thus one feels it is other than oneself.

When we read and try to understand this one feels it is quite difficult to follow this and be egoless. For a start we can atleast start reflecting at our actions and see if we need to react or respond to a situation. When we start practising this reflection, we will start contemplating and improve bit by bit day by day. When we focus our attention to a larger good than looking and reacting to satisfy our ego; we will start moving forward in the path. Also when we start offering all our thoughts, actions and words to the Lord taking Him as the doer we will progress faster in this path.

For students

Story relevant for students

First thing to develop is the inner strength. Life will give you lot of challenges and opportunities to learn. If you learn and develop these values at a younger age, you will be able to face life courageously. Students have to enjoy and face life. You have to go through the experiences. Only when one has faced the situation and seen the pros and cons one will realise the values of these teachings. It will come in handy at the most important phase in your lives. So listen to this; you may not be interested or change now but these are the seeds of values being planted which will blossom one day when it is needed the most.

Story adapted from Swami Sukhbodananda’s  Bhaja Govindam




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