Quick Enlightenment

Value- Devotion- (Vihanga type of devotion)

Sub value-Patience

One devotee while he was at a great Master’s ashram got this strong feeling that he wanted to be enlightened in this very lifetime, and being impatient he wanted it very quickly, he decided the fastest way to do this was to become a complete renunciate.

master and devotee

So he prayed to the Lord to take away all his worldly attachments. When he returned back to his house, he found a realtor putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign outside his house. During his absence, his wife had started divorce proceedings and taken possession of their house and furnishings after removing all funds from their joint bank accounts and other financial instruments.

When he opened his mail, he learned that he was being audited by the tax people because he hadn’t responded to their inquiries in timely fashion. He was in big trouble. He also learned that he’d been fired from his job for accounting irregularities. He lost all his possessions as they were bought on loan. His bank accounts had been sealed.

Finally he put two and two together. He immediately borrowed money from his friend and rushed to see his Master back in the ashram and prayed fervently to him, explaining that while he wanted to become enlightened, he had decided not through the route of complete renunciation.

When he returned back to his house; he found that, the ‘For Sale’ sign had been removed; his wife had changed her mind about divorcing him; his employer had realized a terrible mistake had been made by an internal audit, and rehired him; and the tax people decided to drop their audit when he explained his hard-luck story.


One has to be patient in achieving any goal of life. Nothing comes so easily. Especially in the spiritual path; patience perseverance and faith is absolutely required.



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