Devotee’s steadfast faith

Value- Devotion (markata kishora devotion)

Sub value- Faith, steadfastness

Ravi was new to the spiritual path. He was very much influenced by every other guru whom he chanced to see. He started following one path after seeing the followers of that Guru and started participating in their regular activities. After some time, he was disillusioned and not very happy with that path. Later on,  he saw some of his friends following another path, he immediately joined them. Again after sometime he was not happy. This start and stop process continued for a while.


Ravi observed that his good friend, Ashok  was following one particular path of sadhana and bhakti. He wondered how Ashok could be so committed and happy. He saw that his friend was so positive and always involved in doing good for people. He had great faith and devotion in God and his guru. He could see that Ashok’s guru always guided and protected him. Then he understood how Ashok had faced both good and bad in his life with equanimity with the goal fixed ie (self realization) following and having complete faith in his guru.

He soon realised that his own mind was like a ‘markata’ (monkey) wavering and moving about aimlessly. Rather he should have the ‘markata kishora’ sadhana ie (like a baby monkey clinging on to its mother; it holds on to its mother when she jumps from tree to tree). It only holds on to her; knowing she will not allow it to fall. Similarly if we hold on to our guru’s feet with complete faith and surrender; he will lead us to the goal. When Ravi realised this; he soon found his Guru; rather the Master found him and he was in complete bliss following his Master.


When one has found a true realised Master; one must hold on to his feet and he will lead us to that fixed goal.


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