Master’s messages-1.2-Lord loves the devotion of the devotee

Lord’s grace is like rainwater. It falls everywhere; it is how one makes use of it. 

krishna arjuna


The Lord loves the Bhakti rather than the Bhakta. Lord’s grace is like rain water, but its taste gets changed according to the soil through which it flows. It is showered on each one of us; but it all depends whether we are able to see it and experience it. Are we tuned to that frequency? We compare people and say so and so are blessed; they have so much of grace. Why aren’t we blessed? We question the Lord’s actions without understanding that He knows the best. One cannot understand his or her own self and family or friends etc and yet they judge the Lord’s actions which is beyond their comprehension. The secret of Spiritual success is implicit faith what Arjuna had on Krishna.

Story based on message 1.2

Message and essence based on Sathya Sai Speaks- Vol 1- Chapter 1



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