Lord and his devotee

Value- Devotion

Sub value- Purity of heart

God accepts anything offered with a pure heart. There was a woman devotee, who was a worshipper of Krishna. Every morning she used to clean the Krishna shrine in her house with cowdung and throw the remnants of the cowdung outside saying “Krishnarpanam Asthu” (“Let this be an offering to Krishna”).


The priest of the local Krishna temple noticed that every morning, after he had washed and decorated the idol of Krishna with garlands, when he was offering harathi (waving of lights) to the deity, a small lump of cowdung used to fall on the face of the idol. He was deeply distressed over this strange phenomenon and told the village elders about it. They also witnessed the phenomenon in the temple and sent a vigilance squad to find out who was throwing cowdung at that time.

In one street a scout found a woman throwing cowdung outside her house, uttering the words,”Krishnarpanam.” It was found that at the same time she was throwing cowdung, the apparent desecration of the idol by cowdung was taking place in the temple. The Lord is not concerned as to what is offered to Him. He accepts whatever is offered to Him with a pure heart. In His eyes there is nothing good or bad in itself. When the woman devotee offered the cowdung as Krishnaarpanam (offering to Krishna), it reached the Krishna idol.

The village elders went to the lady and reproached her for her unbecoming conduct in offering cowdung to Krishna. They did not consider how the cowdung thrown outside her house reached the temple. They thought only of the cowdung as such and did not reckon with the power and intensity of the devotion behind the devotees’s action. Ways of devotees cannot be understood by all.


The elders summoned the husband and other relations of the old woman to hold an enquiry. The woman pleaded before them: “I am incapable of hurling cowdung on the face of my Krishna. I am ready to lay down my life for Krishna.” The elders told her to throw the cowdung and not to utter the words “Krishnaarpanam Asthu.” At the instance of her husband and other relations, she agreed to this course.

But from that day onwards, the doors in the Krishna temple would not open however much the priest and others tried to open them. The village elders realised that they had done a grievous wrong to a great devotee and pleaded for pardon from her. That moment the temple doors opened. The ways of devotees can be understood only by devotees. Others cannot understand them.


God draws the individual towards Himself. It is like the magnet attracting the iron filings. But if the iron flings are rusted the magnet cannot attract it. One must develop love, purity of heart so that the Lord is attracted and can be seated in one’s heart. He is always there but if we have the rust of ego, jealousy, hatred, anger etc we cannot see Him. So one must be pure and shine forth ones real nature to realise God.



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