Bhaja Govindam- Verse 15 with story and essence


Verse 15

Angam Galitam Palitam Mundam

Dasanavihinam Jatam Tundam

Vrddho Yati Grhitva Dandam

Tadapi Na Muncatyasapindam

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam

The body has become worn out.  The head has turned grey.  The mouth has become toothless.  The old man moves about leaning on his staff.  Even then he leaves not the bundle of his desires.

O foolish mind; seek Govinda!

Story based on Verse 15



Desires never leave us. There is no limit to desires. If one is fulfilled the other keeps rising. This continues with us till our last breath unless we understand the truth. Life is like a circle which has a centre and a periphery. Most of our lives are spent in the periphery; seeking the external material objects and people,  we forget to look within ie the centre.

Body changes every day; greying  hair, losing teeth, creaking bones, using a walking stick all these  are an inevitable part of aging ; it is also the indication for one to realise that slowly start giving up attachments; understand the reality so that one can be in peace. One lives in despair, unhappiness because one lives in desires; in darkness. When with knowledge and understanding we drop our desires, we become more receptive to Lords everflowing grace.

Man gets attached to wealth, family etc which he has to leave one day; when we know that fact then why do we not let go of our desires and worries handing over to Him; who is our caretaker. When we develop the habit of taking out some time during our younger days to contemplate and work on understanding the reality; we will be much happier in our old age. It doesn’t mean to say that we don’t live a comfortable, happy life; just that enjoy it but don’t hold on it; be dispassionate; always remembering within; that one day we have to leave it. So the Master exhorts; take out time for that contemplation; seek Govinda.

For students

Story based on above verse

Spending some time in prayers, silent sitting, developing qualities of empathy, attitude of service from a young age is very vital. What cannot be learnt at a young age is very difficult to learn at an older age. One keeps postponing such activities for a later age. At young age they are totally immersed in the worldly pursuits. Yes it is very important to do our duties and chase our dreams in the material world, but it is also equally important to develop the spiritual side from a younger age and make it a part of our lives so that when we grow old we are capable of handling ourselves better and lead a meaningful and peaceful life.


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