Bhaja Govindam Verse 7 with story and essence


pare brahmani koapi na saktah

During childhood one is attached to play, during youth one is attached to women. In old age one is attached to anxiety. Yet no one is attached to the supreme brahman. O foolish mind !! Seek Govinda

Story based on verse 7



It is a misconception that prayers and religious/spiritual activities must be undertaken only when one retires or gets old after their family responsibilities are over. The person who never has prayed or engaged in thoughts of God during his younger age; how can he/she be expected to suddenly chant or remember the Lord? It is not easy. That is why great Masters have said that values and love for God should be inculcated from a very young age. Children absorb and retain whatever taught at a young age.

The Upanishads offer us two paths namely Shreyas and Preyas. Preyas is the path of deficiency viz samsara (material world) and path of Shreyas is the path of inner freedom- nirvana. Great Masters have discovered this path of  Shreyas takes one to moksha. The steps prescribed to be undertaken are brahmacharya, grihasta, vaanaprasta and sanyaasa.

One has to acquire the right knowledge when young- brahmacharya-and put that knowledge into practice in the grihasta (householder) stage; mere acquired knowledge is not enough. Then after the duties are discharged as per the dharma and ashrama; choose to be alone to contemplate on the self- vana prasta which will automatically lead to sanyasa and finally to moksha.

For students

Story for students

One of the great Masters of our time; Sri Sathya Sai baba says that ‘a young plant can be moulded but a tree will break when one tries to change it’. It is a general trend that  as children grow into teen or youth they get so caught up with the world, career, family etc; but the children who have been given a good value system and taught to love God will definitely get back to the core though for a brief period they may seem to be distracted. So one must make it a daily habit to remember and thank God. Those who develop these qualities from young age are generally more balanced, calm and can handle the pressures of life better. They will be successful materially as well as spiritually.

Adapted from Bhaja Govindam by Swami Sukhbodananda


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