Bhaja Govindam Verse 6 with story and essence

Verse 6

yaavatpavano nivasati dehe

taavatprichchhati kushalam gehe

gatavati vaayau dehaapaaye

bhaaryaa bibhyati tasminkaaye

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam


As long as there resides breath in the body, so long they enquire of your well being at home. Once the breath leaves, the body decays, even your wife fears that very same body. So O foolish mind! Seek Govinda.

Story based on Verse 6

Indra as a pig

Once, Indra, the king of all gods, came to earth seeking pleasure. He chose the form of a pig because generally, in terms of physical pleasure the form of a pig is considered best. He found himself a beautiful female pig, married her and produced dozens of piglets with her. Over time, he got very deeply involved and attached to them.

The gods waited patiently in heaven thinking it was a short pleasure trip but when Indra did not return for a long time, they came down and saw this whole pig-business in progress. They tried to reason with him to give up the pig’s life and return to the heaven. But Indra was so deeply involved and attached to all this, he just grunted and left!


The gods then decided to kill one piglet hoping that the tragedy would make Indra realize his true nature and return. For every piglet killed, Indra clung to the remaining ones harder. Eventually, the gods killed all the piglets.

But Indra got busy producing more children. Then the gods thought that Indra’s real attachment was his wife so they killed her. Now he was greatly distressed. Soon, his pig friends and relatives suggested he take another wife. And the whole pig-business started again.

The gods were now completely at a loss with this and Narada, the wise sage who was passing by and happened to see all this said, “Why did you kill his wife and kids? His attachment is to his body. Destroy the body”. So, the gods cut his body into two halves and Indra came out and said, “What the hell am I doing here?” and returned to heaven.

The bondage with the body is deep. That is the source of all attachments.


We get so attached to our body despite knowing that it is but temporary. The body which we cater to so much is valued only till there is breath in it. Once the ‘prana’ life force leaves us; the body starts decaying. The very body which was taken care so well and loved by  relatives and friends ; immediately becomes unwanted to all once there is no life force . When there was life in it; it was ‘Shiva’ (presence of divinity) was there in it but when that prana leaves the body it becomes ‘shava’ (dead body). So we must remember this and not get attached to the body so much. That doesn’t mean we don’t take care of the body and neglect it. Yes, we should take care of the ‘vehicle’ (our body) for living a meaningful life and use that as a means or a tool ,  to understand and realise the truth; but not get unduly attached to it. We must to pray to the divine to give us that understanding to dispel the ocean of ignorance in which we are drowning slowly day by day. So Shankara through this verse reminds us of the temporary nature of the body and advises us to chant the name of the Lord who will ultimately guide and help us to realise our true self.

Adapted from Bhaja Govindam by Swami Sukhbodananda

For Students

Story for Students

As we are growing up especially during teen years we consider our friends more valuable than our own parents. We get possessive about our friends and get hurt if we do not get their attention every time. This is true not only for friends but for other relationships also. Some friendships last long others do not. Time, circumstances take them away from us. The more we are possessive; we get more attached and afraid to let go; the more we get hurt. It is not worth it. We should develop a strong mind so that we maintain good friendships and relationships but not get overly attached and dependent on it,  that  in the bargain we hurt ourselves.  A Strong mind can be developed if we spend some time daily with oneself  through silent sitting, remembering and showing gratitude to the Almighty for all the blessings He has bestowed on us.

Through constant practise one can strengthen their mind.







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