Bhaja Govindam Verse 4 with story and essence


Verse 4

Naliniidalagata jalamatitaralam
Viddhi vyaadhyabhimaanagrastam
Lokam shokahatam cha samastam


The water drop resting on a lotus petal has a very uncertain existence; so also is life ever unstable. Understand the very world is caught by disease and pride and is filled with sadness. So seek the Lord and chant the name of Govinda O foolish mind.


Story based on Verse 4

Life is Transitory

There was an American tourist who once went to the city of Cairo, Egypt to visit a famous wise man. When he visited the abode of that wise man; he saw a modest home with barely few furniture. The only pieces in the room were a bed, a table and a bench.


The tourist was quite surprised and asked the wise man; “Where are your other furniture?” The wise man instead of replying asked the tourist; “And where is yours?” “Mine?” responded the tourist surprised. “I am a tourist and I’m here only for a visit; just passing by”

The wise man then said; “Life here on earth is only temporal…yet, some live it as if they were going to stay here forever, forgetting to be happy.” “I also am just passing through.”


Adi Shankara explains that life is transitory like a dewdrop on the lotus. Lotus grows on muddy waters but is unaffected by the surroundings. The water drop rests on the lotus leaf but it remains unattached to it.  Similarly our transitory life is also surrounded by disease, grief, pride, ego etc and we have to learn from the lotus how to lead the life without getting attached to the temporary and seek that which is permanent. We must realise this transitory nature of life and live life meaningfully. Only by chanting the name of the Lord we can find true love, happiness and that which is permanent.


Adapted from Bhaja Govindam by Swami Sukhbodananda

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