Act Right, then Claim the Fruit


Value- Peace

Sub value- Patience


A group of monkeys planted a mango garden. They planted the saplings, watered them a few days, and plucked them from off the ground to see how deep the roots had gone! They wanted them to grow fast and yield fruits, but they were unaware of the process by which alone they could get the fruits they craved for.


They wanted to get the results of their act immediately. They didn’t realise that lot of hard work, patience and perseverance is required to get fruits.


Everything has its time to develop and mature at the right time. We must persevere and work patiently instead of getting anxious about the result. Our duty is to do the work with full commitment and the right time we will be rewarded. Patience and perseverance goes a long way in achieving success. So let us act right and then claim the fruit. Cultivate with care and collect the harvest.


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