The Movie Ticket

Value- Truth

Sub value- Honesty

Once, a lady took her two kids to see a movie. Walking up to the ticket counter she asked, “How much does the ticket cost?” The booking clerk replied, “Rs.50 for you and for children above 5 years. Children under five years are allowed to see the movie free of cost. How old are you children?”


The lady said, “One is three years old and the other one is six years old so I need two tickets.” And she gave hundred rupees to the booking clerk. The booking clerk replied, “If you would have told me that your child is 5 years old who would have known and you could have easily saved 50 rupees.”

The lady replied, “Nobody else would have known, but my children would have surely known that I am lying. I don’t want to teach them dishonesty.”


Parents and especially mothers are the first teachers of the children. The children look upon to them to learn the values. So it becomes the prime duty of parents to follow the values that they want to impart to their children. Parents right behaviour and attitude can go a long way in the proper upbringing of a child.

In challenging times, when ethics are more important than ever before, we must make sure that we set a good example for our family as well as with everyone we work and live with.


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