The company one keeps

Value-Dharma (Ability to distinguish right and wrong)

Sub value- Keeping good company


A crow and a swan had become friends. One day the crow took the swan to its house and made him sit on a dry and wilted tree. The place stank of dung, flesh and bones that were scattered all around.


The swan said, “Brother! I cannot stay in such a dirty place, even for a moment. If you know of any pious place, you take me there.”

So the crow then took the swan, to the secret grove, which belonged to  the king; and made the swan sit on the tree, and then it sat near him.  As the swan looked down, it saw the king sitting under the tree, with his head exposed to the sun.  The Swan, which is of  kind nature ,  out of compassion, spread out its wings to provide shade, to the king who felt some relief from the sun. But the crow, which is of an uncaring  nature; dropped its excreta on the king’s head.

The king shot an arrow upwards which brought the swan down, while the crow flew off quickly.

The dying swan said: “O King! I am not the crow that dropped the excreta. I am the swan that lives in pure water, but due to the company of the mean crow, my life has been ruined.”


Just as positivity influences people, negativity also influences. One must always choose the right kind of friends and people to move around with. Satsang or company of good people can influence one in a positive way. A good person in a negative environment generally may not be recognised for his good quality and he/she has to pay the brunt of being in the company of the wrong person

Adapted from story by Chaju Bhakta


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