Bitter tasting sweet

yad bhavam

Value- Truth

Sub value- Optimism, good thought

Good story on ‘Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati’ (As one thinks so they become)

In a village there lived a good-natured person named Rama, who suffered from indigestion. He took several medicines to treat this  chronic ailment, but it was useless, he couldn’t get cured. During a festive occasion in Rama’s village, a saint came to give a discourse. This saint was a highly learned man. Rama met the saint after the discourse and told him about his ailment. The saint gave him a simple cure; he asked Rama to chew some pieces of rock salt daily. On doing so for some time, Rama’s condition improved.

guru and disciple

Rama was a generous person, who  used to distribute sweets to the poor and little children, during the festivals.  On one such occasion, he went to the market to by some sweets as was his usual practice. When he tasted the sweets to be purchased; he found them to be bitter. He thought perhaps the quality of sweet was not good in that particular shop. He went to many other sweet shops to check; but everywhere he tasted, he found the sweets to be bitter.Little did he realize that this was on account of his habit of sucking the rock salt daily.

One shopkeeper who knew Rama’s habit of sucking the salt; suggested to him to wash his mouth before eating the sweet. Rama listened to the shopkeeper’s suggestion , and after doing so he tasted the sweet; to his delight found the sweetmeat was sweet indeed.


Similarly while succumbing to our bad habits, we do not gain the sweet and sanctifying fragrance from the sacred company of the divine personalities that we come across. We can get benefit from the good company only after cleansing our minds. Thoughts are very powerful. As we think so we become and attract those kind of things to us. So let us think positive and good. Let us eliminate negativity and attract goodness, happiness and peace of mind for ourselves.

Source- Adapted from Summer Showers in Brindavan-1973 discourse by Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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