The last wish

Value- Right conduct

Sub value-Parents duty, setting a right example, non indulgence

A death row inmate awaiting execution, asked as a last wish, for a pencil and paper. After writing for several minutes, the convict called the prison guard and asked that this letter be handed over to his biological mother.
The letter said …
Mother, if there were more justice in this world, we would be both executed and not just me. You’re as guilty as I am for the life I led.
Remind yourself when I stole and brought home the bicycle from a boy like me?
You helped me to hide the bicycle, so that my father would not see it.

Do you remember the time I stole money from the neighbor’s wallet?
You came with me to the mall to spend it.
Do you remember when I argued and justified my actions with my father ?
He just wanted to correct me because I stole the final result of the competition and for that I had been expelled.
Mom, then  I was just a child, shortly after that I became a troubled teenager and now I’m a pretty malformed man.

Mom, I was just a child in need of correction, and not  approval. But I forgive you!
I just want this letter to reach the greatest number of parents in the world, so they can know what makes  people, good or bad …is education.
Thank you mother for giving me life and also helping me to lose it.
Your child offender.


Parents love their children and many times are too indulgent and pamper them. It is said; “A stitch in time saves nine”; “A young plant can be moulded but a tree will break when we try to mould it.” Wrong actions should be nipped at the bud. Allowing small mistakes unnoticed can lead to bigger crimes one day. Parent should set an example to the child. Love does not mean indulgence. It is the parents duty to teach the child the right values which includes to help them distinguish between wrong and right.

Right upbringing and value system is very important for not only the child and family but for the society as well.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ” (Nelson Mandela)


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