The neglected temple

templeValue- Right conduct

Sub value-Harmony


Once three monks, who had  gathered  by a deserted lonely temple wondered aloud, “Why is this temple so  deserted and has no attendance?”Nobody knew who started the conversation. “It could  be because the monks did not have the sincerity in doing the prayers and rituals, hence the deities did not show them their miraculous powers and people slowly stopped coming.”, answered the first monk. “  Or It could be that the monks at the temple were not hard-working enough, so the temple in  due time had  a dwindling attendance,” explained second monk. “ It could also be that the monks who lived here, did not respect one another so  the followers grew few, ” added the third monk.

Three of them argued…they  then decided to live in that temple to see whose argument  was the closer to the truth. The first monk did  prayers, ceremonies, rituals sincerely, the second monk fixed and renovated the temple, and the third monk went preaching out to the public. Time passed and the temple became a very popular and well known temple.

“This all happened because of my sincerity in prayers that the deities decided to help and grant me miracles,” said the first monk. “No, because of my hard work on renovating  the temple that it looked so magnificent and beautiful and people started coming,” replied the second monk. “ Oh no, its because of me.! I was the one who went out teaching truths and preaching ,  that’s the reason our followers grew steady, quipped the third monk.”

Day and night they kept arguing and bickering, and cared less about the upkeep of the temple. They did not realize, in all this squabbling,  that they  had began to neglect the temple, as they were preoccupied with their egoistic pride. Soon in due time,  the temple returned to its former condition, there was no attendance from followers.

As the  three monks left the temple, realization hit them and  they concluded that the  poor attendance in the temple was  because there was lack of harmony within the people inside.


Ego brings lack of harmony in any activity we do. Relationships are ruined due to this. When one values ego over the relationship, he/she loses all the real people and also the cause for which he/she is working for as seen in the story above. Let us raise ourselves from ego to love spreading harmony and be happy and make others happy as well

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