Lord Ganesh And Karthikeya

shiva parvati

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Respect

murugaOne day Ganesha and his younger brother Karthikeya were playing. They received a special fruit from the gods. Being kids, they were not ready to share the fruit. Their parents, Lord Shiva and Parvati said that the first one who circled thrice  around the universe, would get receive  the reward of this special fruit , which bestowed immortality and supreme knowledge.

Karthikeya climbed on his vehicle, a peacock, at once and flew off to circle the universe, in order to win the fruit. Ganesha was worried about winning the race as he had a stout appearance and his vehicle the Mouse does not have wings!

Later, he took a decision based on his wisdom and asked the permission of his parents to circle around them thrice, as he felt that his parents were his universe.

Ganesha won the race and the fruit.ganesha mouse


One must use of wisdom at the right time and right place. One must respect our parents; there can be no one as important as them in our lives.



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