Good tongue Bad tongue


Value- Non violence

Sub value- Speak lovingly

Once there was a king who wanted to know what would make his subjects wise and happy. So he organized an exhibition and invited all wise men in his kingdom to keep therein the articles which could bring happiness into everyone’s life. The king himself went to see the exhibition. There he saw rows and rows of good things like flowers, fruits, beautiful plants, sweets, clothes, books, musical instruments, gold ornaments, and things of art and so on. But none of these things appeared to him to be things which would make everyone happy. At last, he came to a coloured model of clay. It was the mouth of a man showing the tongue while talking to a poor, lean, and hungry old man on the road. At the bottom of the model were written two words: “GOOD TONGUE”.


The sculptor of the model was sent for, as the king wanted to know more about it. “My Lord,” said the sculptor,”All other things in this exhibition make men happy only for some time. But a good tongue, by speaking some words of sympathy and love make others happy for years and years. It gives hope and cheer to the suffering, strength and confidence to the weak and sympathy and love to the orphaned. Only a good tongue can make all men happy for all the times.”

The king, who was immensely pleased to hear these words gave the sculptor a gold casket full of gold coins as a prize.

After some days, the king was very happy to know what could make every man unhappy. So he organized another exhibition asking the wise men of the land to keep articles which could fill everyone’s life with misery. This time the exhibition was filled with objects like knives, swords, sticks, whips, liquor, poison, barking dogs etc. But in none of them did the king see a satisfactory answer to his questions. At last he came to a clay model just like the one he had seen in the earlier exhibition. But this time it showed big red eyes and a blackish tongue abusing a poor lean hungry old man. At the bottom were written two words;”BAD TONGUE”. The sculptor was sent for. He came and explained to the king,”My Lord, a bad tongue can kill happiness and joy of others, destroy their hope and courage and push them to the pool of misery. It can wound the hearts, which may not heal even after many years. A bad tongue is the worst enemy of man.”

The king gave the sculptor a gold casket full of gems and diamonds. “Indeed your clay models, teach us a lesson more precious than these gold caskets, gems and diamonds all put together”, said the king to him.


Speaking harshly, rudely and in a hurting manner is also an act of violence. Harsh words remain like wounds and don’t heal easily. Whereas sweet and loving words leave a good feeling and can go a long way in healing and making others happy. Even if one cannot always oblige one can atleast speak obligingly and in a kind manner.

Vikas-2 Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas- Textbook for Students of group 2



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