Jealousy brings ruin

pumpkinValue- Right Conduct

Sub value- Selfless act


Madhav and Keshav were two farmers living in the same village. Madhav was intelliegent, hard working; always contented and happy. Keshav, on the other hand, was lazy, worried and sad. He was always jealous of Madhav so much so, that the very sight of happy Madhav would irritate him. He would even pray to God for Madhav’s downfall.

But God seemed to be kind to Madhav who wished that everyone in the village should be happy like him. Once, after many years of hard work in his garden, he produced a huge pumpkin of rare variety. Its skin had all the seven colours of the rainbow. It had the pleasant scent of the jasmine flowers and it tasted sweet as honey. Above all, it had four legs, a trunk and a tail which made it look like an elephant.

Madhav felt that this wonderful pumpkin would be a worthy present to the king. So he took it to the capital and placed it at the king’s feet as his simple gift. The king was so pleased with this rare present that he gave Madhav a real elephant as a royal gift.


When Keshav heard this news, he was extremly jealous of Madhav’s achievement, that he had no sleep that night. “I must please the king much more than Madhav did”, he went on thinking, “What will make the king give me, a more precious royal gift, than what he has given Madhav. If a toy elephant could please the king so much, a present of real elephant will please him more. He may give me, in return a village or two and make me a big zamindar.”

The next day keshav sold his farm, cows, bullocks, sheep and goats. With all the money he thus got, he purchased a big elephant and took it to the king. The king could not understand why a village farmer should present him with  an elephant. So he asked his wise minister to look into the matter and think about a suitable gift for the farmer.

The wise minister had chat with Keshav. Within short time, he found that only jealousy had prompted Keshav to present an elephant to the king. So he went to the king and said, “My Lord, you gave a nice elephant to the earlier farmer for a pumpkin. So now, you can give this farmer a nice pumpkin in return for his elephant.”

When Keshav received an ordinary pumpkin as a royal gift, he was completely heart broken. He had sold away all his property and he was now a ruined man all because of his jealousy.


Jealousy is an evil quality which brings only ruin. An act done selflessly will be rewarded.

Source- Vikas 2- Text book for Balvikas group 2



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