The two parrots- The company one keeps

parrotsValue- Right Conduct

Sub value- Good company

Two parrots had built their nest on a banyan tree. The female parrot laid two eggs in the nest. After sometime, the eggs hatched. Two chicks came out of them. The parent birds took good care of the babies. After few weeks, the young birds were able to fly for some distances. The father bird said, “We have taken good care of our young ones. We have fed them well too. They have played together. They have learned to fly. Now they can take care of themselves. Let us slowly leave them to be on their own.”

Every morning the parent birds flew out to fetch food for the young birds. Then they returned in the evening with food for their young children. This went on for a while.

A hunter observed these birds for quite sometime. He saw that the older birds went out every morning. He decided to catch the young birds one morning when the parent birds were away. As planned he caught the young birds. The young birds struggled their best to free themselves from the clutches of the hunter. One of the two young birds escaped from the hunter. The other bird was taken in a cage by the hunter to his house.

“I caught two birds. But I lost one of them,” said the hunter to his children. And he further added, “Keep this parrot safely in the cage and play with it.”

The hunter’s children played with the parrot. Very soon the parrot in the house of the hunter learnt to speak few words. The children said to their father, “Dad, our parrot has learnt to say a few words.”

The other parrot which had escaped the hunter; came to a hermitage. Some holy men lived in the hermitage. They did not do any harm to the young parrot. The young parrot stayed there. It listened to their talk. It also learnt to say a few words.

A certain traveller was walking near the hunter’s hut. He was tired and sat down for a while to rest near the hut. Suddenly he heard a parrot speak. He turned to see the parrot. It said ;”O fool!! Why have you come here? I will cut your throat.”

The traveller was very sorry to hear such bad words. He got up and left the place immediately.Then he walked for some time and reached the hermitage. He saw another parrot sitting on a tree near the hermitage.

Seeing the traveller this parrot spoke, “Welcome, traveller. Welcome to this hermitage. We have a lot of good fruits in this forest. Eat whatever you like. The holy men will treat you well.”

The traveller was surprised. He said to the parrot. “I met a young parrot near a hunter’s hut just a while ago. It spoke badly. I left the place immediately. Now I have met you. You speak so well. Your words are kind and gentle. Both you and the other birds are parrots. Then why this difference; in your languages?”

The parrot in the hermitage guessed that the other parrot must be its brother. The hermitage parrot said, “Traveller, the other parrot is my brother. But we have lived in two different places. My brother has learnt the hunter’s language. But I have learnt the language of holy people. It is the company you keep that shapes your words and deeds.”


Good company helps one learn good things. Bad company makes one learn bad things. Avoid bad company. It is said; “Tell me your company and I will tell who you are?” One good fruit among rotten fruits also gets rotten. We must watch the company we keep.


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