Love for motherland

ramaValue- Love, Right conduct

Sub value- Patriotism, love for motherland

After winning the war , fighting against rakhshasas , Ravana was killed. Sri Rama rescued Sita devi and Lanka was relieved from misrule. It recovered the splendor. Then Lakshmana asked Sri Rama ,” Brother ! Now that Lanka is relieved; why should we go back to Ayodhya? Let it be ruled by Bharatha. You can be the ruler of Lanka”. Rama the embodiment of Sathya and Dharma replied with a smile “ Oh! Lakshmana , however ugly one’s mother may be , one cannot look upon another lady as  one’s own mother. Mother is sacred and so also motherland. They have to be revered and adored. I have to return to Ayodhya as promised after completing thirteen years and carry out Dharma as expected out of me towards parents and countrymen. Let Vibhishana be crowned as the King of Lanka.

Source- Chinnakatha by Saibaba


Mother and motherland are very sacred and no one can replace them. One must learn to respect and love their mother and motherland.


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