God responds to sincere prayers


Value- Love

Sub value- Devotion, service

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We have read in Mahabharatha , in Duryodana’s court Droupadi was insulted by pulling her hair and  when Dussasana forcibly tried to unrobe her in the presence of elders like Bhishma ,her husbands and others. No one raised any alarm but kept quiet. She called out ” Oh! Krishna , Dwarakavasi come to my rescue and protect me” ..Suddenly the robe instead of unwinding started rewinding. And thus  saved her from ignominy and insult.
This has relevance to an incident happened much earlier. One day Krishna was cutting a sugarcane with a knife and he got his finger cut. Blood was oozing. His wives Rukmani and Sathyabama and Droupadi were present. Rukmani ran to get bandage while Sathyabama went to fetch medicine. Droupadi without wasting time tore away a piece of cloth from her saree and bandaged the finger. Krishna admired her devotion. Blood immediately stopped.
As a mark of love and for timely service, Krishna came to her help at the time of danger and saved her.
God understands the devotion and at appropriate time rescues his devotee and never forgets the service however small it may be and returns many fold.

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