Walking the little way

Value- Love

Sub value- Compassion, kindness, purity of intention

Once a man had a dream that he stood at the gates of Paradise. He saw various blessed souls in his dream, approaching the golden gates and demanding admittance to the heaven world.

The first to knock on the golden gates was a learned pundit. “Let me enter,” he said to the Angel guarding the portals of paradise. “I have studied the holy scriptures day and night, and I have earned the right to enter heaven.”

“Wait!” said the Angel. “We shall look at our earthly records to see if you studied the scriptures in reverence for the Lord, or for the sake of social applause and admiration.”

The next to appear at the gate was a holy man. “Allow me to enter,” he said to the Angel. “I have fasted much.”

Image result for angels and gates of paradise

“Wait,” said the Angel. “We shall first inquire if your motives were pure.”

Then came a very simple man who asked in humility: “May I be allowed to come in?”

“Tell me what you have done with your life,” the Angel demanded of him.

The man said hesitantly, “A few fragments of my bread I shared each day with a brother who limped, and could not earn his daily food. I swept his floor and filled his water jug every day. And I prayed to the Lord, ‘Dear God, make me a servant of those who suffer, and are in pain!”

To him the Angel said, “Blessed among mortals art thou! Walking the little way, thou hast attained the Adobe of the Immortals! The gates of Heaven are open unto thee!”


Serving the poor and the needy is deserving God. Serve Man Serve God. See the Lord in the poor and needy.


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