Sant Jnaneshwar visits Namdev

Value- Eternal Truth

Sub value- All are one


Namdev being a devotional person, was always busy with chanting Lord’s name, thus had forgotten his householder’s duties. Janabai his sister (maid servant of the house), suggests Namdev to take some money as a loan from a wealthy man and sell clothes for living.

Namdev agrees, Namdev goes from village to village selling clothes. In one of the villages he sees all villagers crying, he asks them what the reason for their pain was. They tell him that the village has been looted by the bandits, that their food, money and even clothes have been looted.

Seeing their miserable condition Namdev distributes his clothes for free. He comes back home empty handed, seeing that his wife leaves him and goes to her father’s house. Janabai prays to Krishna and weeps in pain as Namdev is separated from his wife and children.

Sant Jnaneshwar who was visiting Namdev to take him along on a North India pilgrimage sees Janabai weeping and asks her “What is it Janabai?”.janabai

“Oh brother, does it make Lord happy to see his children suffer?” asks Jana

“Is it you talking?” asks Jnaneshwar

“Don’t you see how mercilessly Lord has treated Namdev?” says Jana

“You forget sister, It is only a dream, he is the only one who gives. Jana, all is maya of Vitthal, He who looted is Vitthal, He who is looted is Vitthal, Namdev who helped them is Vitthal, You who is weeping is Vitthal, Whole world is Vitthal, when you realize this, you won’t be troubled after”




This is the eternal truth that God pervades and is everything. There are no two. Non duality. Whatever one sees, experiences are all the one.


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