Draupadi’s devotion to Lord Krishna- Power of namasmarana

krishna and draupadiValue-Love

Sub value- Devotion

Lord Krishna saved Draupadi, the consort of the Pandavas, from ignominy and disgrace on many occasions. Satyabhama and Rukmani, Lord Krishna’s consorts often wondered why Lord helped and bestowed so much grace on Draupadi.

In order to clear their doubts,  one day Krishna asked Satyabhama and Rukmani to accompany Him to Droupadi’s place. When they reached there, Draupadi had just finished her bath and was brushing her hair. Krishna instructed them, Satyabhama and Rukmani to brush Draupadi’s hair. Though indignant, Satyabhama and Rukmani complied with Krishna’s instruction . As they brushed Draupadi’s hair, they were wonder-struck to hear the constant chant of ‘Krishna, Krishna’ emanating from each strand of hair. They realised that Draupadi, rightfully deserved all the Grace, Krishna showered on her. The Name of Krishna had permeated every pore of Droupadi’s body. Her yearning, her love, her devotion for Krishna had saturated into the very core of her being. Krishna could not but respond to whole-hearted devotion of this devotee of His. Droupadi had achieved the highest stage of securing the constant companionship of the Lord, through the simple sadhana of Namajapa.



Chanting the name of Lord constantly is the best spiritual practise in Kali Yuga. Constant remembrance of the Lord’s name ensures His abundant grace and love. This is the best way to attain Lord.

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