Parenting and Value Education- Food for thought

As I came across this thought provoking article in fb recently; which I will be sharing below, I really wonder about our parenting skills in our obsession to create an ideal child, tailor make them and get them ready to face this highly competitive world.

Are we doing the best and right thing for our children? Are we putting some actual thought on what we are doing? We are so fearful of our children losing out in this rat race world that we start preparing them from as young as a 2 or 3 yrs of age by keeping them occupied in all sorts of extracurricular activities besides their studies and expect them to excel in all.

I myself have done all this and it was an eye opener for me when some years back my then 12 yr old asked me as too why was I putting her through all this? Was it because I really wanted the best for her or I wanted to ‘show off’ about her skills and talents to my friends?

This really made me to think and realise that we are just facilitators and should provide them with whatever best opportunities and facilities we can, it is  up to them to make best of what they are passionate about. We feel we have done our duty as a parent when we do all this; yes, to a great extent that may be true but in a real sense does it bring true happiness and meaning to either the children’s or our lives?

What about children? Are they really enjoying what they do or even if they do; how do they grow up as adults? Are they ultra-competitive just winning all the races of life or they look for little joys and pleasures of life which give them more happiness and meaning to life.

It is time to ponder on this.

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I have been involved in teaching value classes to young children for the past decade or two and it is my observation that these classes have always taken a back seat in importance to other skill developing classes; as no tangible results can be seen since these cannot be measured and evaluated. What we tend to forget is that these very values  if not taught and inculcated at a young age can later prove quite detrimental to the society. Though these may not  seem to give great recognition or position in a competitive platform; this is the very basis of life.

We forget that education is valuable only if it meant for life and not just a mere living. Life finds meaning in small things like showing love and concern for others, bring a smile to someone, give someone a patient hearing etc. Somehow in our chase for material success and achievements these things seems to have been forgotten and lost somewhere. We need to revive this, to have a more meaningful, loving and a caring society and a better world. We would be failing in our duty as parents and their first teachers if we continue giving more importance only to the formal education and neglecting the value education or lessons of life.

Let us teach our children the values of love, kindness, courage, ability to distinguish right and wrong, peace, honesty, truth, integrity, caring and sharing etc. And for this we as parents should first believe, have a firm conviction and be a role model to our children in order for them to respect and understand these values which they will then practice in their lives. For people who think that it is nice to hear and talk about values, ethics etc but practsing it is totally different; I can say with firm conviction and belief that these values have stood in good stead over the years with me and I have seen many children blossoming into responsible and loving citizens who make a positive difference not only in their lives but touch the lives of others as well.

So let’s give a thought to this and work towards building a happy and loving home where such little things of life are cherished and these human values become part and parcel of ours and our childrens lives. Let’s together create a better and meaningful world for the future generation.

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    Mar 02, 2015 @ 07:45:40

    This is a thought provoking article and one needs to understand the truth behind this ,and take a bold step to practise


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