Two Seas “See” differently

Value- Right Conduct

Sub Value- Sharing and caring

There is a beautiful tale concerning two seas. In the Mediterranean basin is located the famous Dead Sea. Every school kid knows that the only water body which in reality is not a sea but ironically called so is the Dead Sea; it is actually a lake. That explains the ‘sea’ part of ‘Dead Sea’. But why is it Dead Sea? Or the Killer Sea? Because there is absolutely no life in it even though it is 67 kms long, 18 kms wide at its widest point, and 1237 feet deep. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth; almost 9 times saltier than normal ocean water. It is this high density of salt which never allows even the slightest hint of marine flora or fauna to survive and flourish. But why is this lake so salty? Quite simple. It never flows out. It receives water from River Jordan but keeps it all to itself. It is so below the mean sea level that there is no outlet. Some amount of water of course gets evaporated leaving the salts behind, and in the process creates the dead, most uninhabitable environment.

To the North of this Dead Sea is the Sea of Galilee. And it is only 13 miles by 8 miles; pretty small in comparison, but do you know its treasures? It is rich with most exotic flora and fauna. They say it is home to at least 20 different types of fish. In fact this sea has supported the lives of many for over two millennia because of the flourishing fisheries in this region and the good harvest of crops in the lands surrounding its waters. Now, why is this sea, though very tiny compared to the huge Dead Sea, so alive? A simple secret: it shares its waters. The same River Jordan flows into this sea too but the Sea of Galilee allows its waters to flow out. And this is precisely what makes it so healthy, vibrant and brimming with life.


When we share, we become rich! Many who have understood this math have enriched their lives superbly. If we are fortunate to be blessed with either wealth, knowledge, love, respect or any other gift from God and we don’t learn to share it; all these gifts given to us will evaporate. It is said that when anything is just stored and not shared or flowing, it will stagnate. To receive more grace, we need to learn to share. Only when the cup starts getting empty more fresh water can be poured into it. Lets learn the art of giving.


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