Guru and disciple crossing the river

Value- Right Conduct

Sub Value- Control of mind, perception

A  elderly Guru and his young disciple were walking in the Himalayas back to their hermitage. It was a long way and the roads were tough as the terrain was hilly. On their way to the hermitage,  they had to cross  a  branch of river Ganga which was flowing fast but less violently.

There was an young maiden sitting close to the river, whose village was just across the river.  Scared as she was to cross the river by herself,  she approached the Guru to help her cross the river.


“Sure” said the Guru, lifted her up in his arms and  carefully crossed the river. The young maiden went to her way, after thanking the Guru for his timely help. The younger disciple couldn’t accept this gesture by Guru and soon his face wore a pensive look.

They came to their hermitage after couple of hours of difficult walk in the hills. Despite the tiredness of the journey, the younger disciple  looked very perturbed, sensing it the Guru asked him what the matter was.

The disciple said “Master, we have sworn  not to touch a woman, but you carried her in your arms! You tell us not to think of women but you touched her” complained the disciple.

Guru said this with a smile : “I carried her across the river and left her on the other side, but you are still carrying her


In any lesson imparted by the Master, let us learn the message behind it other than analysing, confusing and carrying wrong perception about it in our minds.



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