Good to forgive

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Forgiveness

Once man named  John,  bought a new house,  big and beautiful with a garden filled with fruit trees in and around it. Nearby  in a old house lived an envious man who was constantly trying to trouble John ; the envious man threw garbage under the  John’s gates and did other nasty things just irritate John.

One day John, woke up in a good mood, went out onto the porch, and saw a bucket of dirty water there. He took the bucket of slop or dirty water,  poured out the slops, cleaned it bucket, and later picked the biggest, ripe and delicious apples from his garden and went to his envious neighbor. The envious neighbor heard a knock at the door and gleefully thought: “Finally I got it” meaning he managed to irritate John.

He opened the door expecting for a scandal, and  John gave him a bucket of apples saying:
– “Who is rich with something, shares it with other”! The envious neighbor’s jaw dropped.. he had learnt his lesson.



One should not change his/her value system and right conduct. That makes us a different and better person. We will draw more love and relations when we learn to forgive and share our love with others even those who have hurt us.


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