Good to forgive

Value- Right Conduct

Sub value- Forgiveness

One man bought a new house – big and beautiful – and a garden with fruit trees near to it. Nearby an envious man lived in the old house and was constantly trying to ruin his mood: he threw garbage under the gates and made other nasty things.

One day a man woke up in a good mood, went out onto the porch, and saw a bucket of slops there. A man took this bucket, poured out the slops, cleaned a bucket, put the biggest, ripe and delicious apples there and went to his neighbor. A neighbor heard a knock at the door and gleefully thought: “Finally I got it!”.
He opened the door expecting for a scandal, and a man gave him a bucket of apples saying:
– Who is rich with something, shares it with other!


One should not change his/her value system and right conduct. That makes us a different and better person. We will draw more love and relations when we learn to forgive and share our love with others even those who have hurt us.


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